Thursday, 7 July 2016

Let's play World Of Warcraft | Way Of The Shaman | 10 - 20 | #1

Hello everyone, I'm back! I've been on a bit of a hiatus for the past year as I just started out my new career in the forces. Despite how busy I have been, I have always missed blogging and playing games. With that in mind and also Legion looming over us, I thought I would roll a new class. In this play through I will update you guys every 10 levels, explaining the new spells acquired, how I'm getting on with the class and my general overview on the experience. I will also write up some lore posts too! Hopefully this will also help those looking to roll shaman for the new expansion and give you an idea on what it's like to play and if it is the right class for you! Sit back, relax and enjoy, Way of the shaman. 

So why A Shaman? 
From as far as I can remember, I have always loved shamans. My very first go at the class was a Troll shaman which I played through WOTLK. I was enhance, A very rare sight back then. I was also lucky enough to be in a great guild which allowed me to progress through the ranks and be the Shaman class leader. I loved how intricate the class played. I Also loved the supportive role. Healing with this class was a dream. Still to this day I will always say that shaman healing was my favourite. I even did a play through last year levelling as one which you can find on my blog.

I've never really been good at any class, but shaman would have to be the one class I felt comfortable playing (along with monk) The lore behind the class is also incredible. I'm a huge fan of the books, especially those to do with shamanism and Orc back stories. (Rise of the horde/The shattering)
The shaman changes for legion also look interesting, so it just felt natural to forget all the other classes and focus on this one, as you do. Oh and did I mention Doomhammer for a Artifact weapon? Yeah mate. CHEERS THRALL!

Fully loomed and ready to go! Vayzul was ready. I decided from level 10 to go enhance, Grab my professions and start the journey, in Azshara and then jumping in to some dungeons. While in Org I decided to pick up the following:


I'm starting from scratch and also adding a little fun in to focusing on these. I just love the idea of both of these professions. I have no idea why to be honest, I just find them both enjoyable to complete. I also think it fits the nature of the class, being one with nature (minus the tree lovers and their fluffy hands)  but it's close enough! I also picked up the secondary professions to work on those as I level up.

Picking up the basics!  
The first set of spells we acquire are the Critical strikes and Lightning Bolt   you don't get a melee ability till level three, once we get there you now have Primal Strike at your arsenal.  You also gain a heal should you need it and Lightning Shield which is advised to keep active all the time. The more damage we deal to others, the better.

Enhanced Techniques 
Now we're level 10 we can finally pick up our Spec! Upon picking Enhancement, a number of things unlock for you including The passive spell,  Dual Wield and Lava Lash. This thing hits hard, so use it on cool down, It also spreads Flame Shock at level 12 which increases overall damage and spreads it across nearby enemies, great for dungeons.

Further along the levelling, we also pick up an amazing spell called Purge. A fantastic spell for later on in the game. We also gain a movement increase in the form of Ghost Wolf which I think can be changed to a raptor in legion for all you troll loving shamans out there.

Just before hitting level 20, we gain a fantastic interrupt to stop some of those nasty spells coming our way and a really strong passive, called Flurry which works very well when you use the haste enchants for your levelling gear. If you have a main that can supply it I recommend using the gift of haste enchants on your neck and rings. For maximum damage on those lovely looking weapons I would suggest Elemental force. More damage and suits the class perfectly. Now on to the adventure!

The Dungeons, not so scary any more! 

I spent most of my time levelling to 20 through dungeons, many people seem to forget the stories they hold and storm through them, I like to delve a bit deeper than that and give you guys a background on each dungeon I encounter.

Deadmines - These twisted and dark mines dwell below Westfall and a small section of Stranglethorn. Located Under Moonbrooke, a small village now populated mostly by Defias brotherhood. It's entrance can be located by the trail of miners walking out the main mine shaft. You then have to navigate your way around the mines to be able to find the entrance. The Mines was once the main source of gold for the human lands, and controlled by the rather ambitious Edwin VanCleef, he became twisted with greed and started to create a ship bellow the depths of Westfall to show Stormwind leaders how strong he really was. He was killed before he could see his dream through to the end. His Daughter Vanessa watched on as her father was slaughtered and has now taken over the operations in the Deadmines and is focused on bringing nothing but justice and retribution upon Stormwind... Look out!

That's it for this episode guys! I'm loving my shaman right now, being able to play again and blog about it is something I have always enjoyed doing. I will upload a new post as and when, so stay tuned! I hope you guys have a good weekend and if you want to follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blog for updates/giveaways and other shenanigans, feel free! - Vay.