Friday, 13 December 2013

Diary Entry One: Balance Of Two Worlds.. Prologue. (First short story)

Time: Two shadows past the hour

Name: Vaylen
Age: Unknown

A curious Troll, exploring, walking throughout Shadowmoon, for reasons I can not recall, I was attacked, Demons of course, this was their homeland. Awoken to a strange being, the sort some would be reminded by a being, But... different from what I have met, the Broken one. For a number of years He cared, taught me everything I had to know about the outlandish people, the demons there, their energy. After a couple more months of recovery, he felt his companion, A spiritual guide, Xuen, a deep blue wolf  shrouded in wisdom and knowledge could teach me even more. Teach me the ways of Outland, to understand its pain and of course, to help it. For reasons unknown to me this being, The broken one saw something within me when he found me, For this I am forever in his debt. I was the student, he was the master. This was the reason he entrusted his most loved companion to me, be my protector, my friend, to teach me, and hopefully for me to remember a little about my history.

Throughout my time there, I came across Draenei strongholds, inside I met a number of remarkable people who kept me informed of outlandish behavior and keeping me up to speed with things going on and wrongdoings in Azeroth. Which was rather unusual giving the amount of Uncertainty these creatures had shown towards me while i spent my time here, they seemed.. concerned. My time there, between the unattainable wildlife and demonic energies that shroud Outland, memories are coming back to me. What would seem like events that have happened, in the past.. My precision, balance and fighting style in these visions were more profound. My skills now are overshadowed by such skill and knowledge back then... What do these visions mean? Why now?

Over the coming days, Visions become stronger, from fighting, to something more sentimental.. I could see a beach, a small hut, a fishing boat.. Something about the place made the visions make me feel contempt, But why? They become more clear, A scorched coastline, dotted by rocks, banners in hues of pale blues and greens.. where was this place? It was home, It was Senjin village.

A thirst for Knowledge and understanding, I now tends to both places, two different worlds, so far apart, yet so similar, They both need help, they both need healing. With Azeroth in my Mind and Outland in my heart, I will forever do my best to make sure that job is done, while I look for the answers That I seek. My clouded memory slowly begins to reveal my past and has allowed me to battle my own demons, But while I struggle with these visions, I must stay true to my cause. Two worlds, on the brink of something terrible, all beings can sense it, I must find a balance, I must do what I can.

To be continued... in two weeks.

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