Monday, 12 August 2013

It's been an interesting week!

Greetings all! Hope you all had a productive/drink fueled weekend. This weekend specifically for me has been a lucky one.

To start with, for those you may follow me on twitter and regularly check my posts, they will know I received a Spectral Tiger mount from the Landro's Gift TCG card. I was torn on using the card just so maybe I could give it away to a friend or something, but I thought I'm not really gaining anything from it sitting my my TCG folder. So I jumped on my mount, took a trip down to see Landro in Booty Bay and turned it the code for a Gift box. The shock of seeing that mount drop from a card that's pretty common was like awesome.

I was also lucky enough to meet a guild with some great people in it. Sadly due to their raid times and such, I felt like I had to leave on my main to look for something more suitable to my play times. I have however, left my alt 90 Holy Paladin just to speak to them while I farm herbs and such. The guild is called <Light And Darkness> and have recently pushed there progression a great deal. So if you're looking for two nights a week, 10 man raiding guild with some friendly people and a great atmosphere, check them out.

Now its time to focus up and brush up on tactics and such, As I have been invited to one of the servers top guilds, Invictus Maneo. The guild has not been established long like other progressive guilds on Ragnaros but with a rep sheet of 13/13 heroic and aiming extremely high for 5.4, I was lucky enough to fulfill there tanking spot. I spoke to a number of members before I applied on skype, asking me question on progression, class mechanics and specific encounters as well as checking my logs. It was actually really nice to chat to them before hand which made the application process a bit easier.

Tonight is my first raid with them, So hopefully all goes well. We're starting at Heroic Dark animus(zerg tactic), which is not the best encounter to make a good first impression but nonetheless I will do my best!

Vaylen, Ragnaros Eu. 

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