Friday, 4 April 2014

Go with the wind

So begins the lonely road to the Peak of Serenity,
A place to find enlightenment and study art,
The one true place I feel at home, were calm and collected combines perfectly.
A place full of fond memories, All of those I hold close to my heart.

The northern breeze from Westerly rest carries me,
To a place I long for, to finally be rid of all this insanity.
The world as we know it has changed, Far from what it used to be,
From this day forth, We are rid of Garrosh and is self obsessed clarity.

Knowing when I get home, I can rest this weary soul,
Maybe take a moment or two, Hang my swords up and be rid of this life I lead.
Knowing when I can finally rest, I could build a farm & lead a family of my own,
I need to think about the future, forget the past by any means..

Yet I still cant forget the world has been torn a sunder,
But our home is still our home, and it was here we made our stand,
Our home, breached by hatred and burnt by thunder.
Atop of the Peak Of Serenity we stood, along side the mighty Shado-pan.

Together we defeated thou who challenged,
We defended our home lands from certain death, we as one vanquished Evil,
We put aside differences, just to maintain a balance.
We stood mighty and proud, defying odds, we prevailed.

Moments in time, never forgotten, but still we must march on,
It made us as people stronger, sturdier and that much more braver.
Like a brisk wind, The words and stories of our deeds will pass the ear of our sons of their sons,
As I am and always will be, A Windwalker.

And here I am at the Peak of my journey,
A place to feel enlightened, A place to study my arts,
The one place I call home, Were a brew and some herbs would do just perfectly,
A place full exiting possibilities, I guess Its here, home that my new adventure starts.  

Written by: Vaylen#2903

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