Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Legion Is Calling

To say It's been a while since I dabbled in the Warcraft Universe would be a hell of a understatement. In the space of my last post, I'm now married, Living in my own house with my beautiful wife and enjoying our time together even more than I ever have. We are settling in really well, we finally got our sofa today so after three weeks of sitting on chairs our friend kindly lent us we can now relax and enjoy proper chilled out evenings together.

As you may of guessed we also have our internet up and running, To start with we wanted to go with EE but with a three week installation time and a lazy Copper wire feeding us sub optimal speeds for our area we decided to go with virgin. Have not looked back since. Next up was a computer, yay!

We wanted to have something to suit both mine and the wife's needs. A capable computer for both editing videos and playing video games. PC Specialist was our chosen company and we got our beautiful machine within 3 days of placing our order. I highly recommend them to any one looking for a new system.

I'm also back on the Warcraft band wagon. Playing a Windwalker monk and loving it. I do have to admit, it took me a while to appreciate the new class mechanics but its an absolute blast. I've grown out of having to play the top DPS class. Enjoy the limited time I get to play and Enjoy it I shall! The WW style is so great and it flows incredibly well, Wish I could say the same for my writing techniques. >.<

Everything is a huge learning curve again which is great, but I feel so far behind everyone its crazy. Hopefully 7.2.5 will bring in more catch up mechanics for those behind. The Mythic dungeons are a great addition to the game and I have to admit, I do not raid half as much or if at all, so it fits my timings perfectly. That and climbing ladders on diablo.

So my guild is still around but was collecting dust for a few months now. Only a few of us play and a few returning but we look to have a 1 night a week raiding period for a full clear and a few dungeons here in there. Casual and as cool as a set of cucumbers. Its great to be back.

- Vaylen.

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