Thursday, 1 August 2013

End of an era, Time for a new start!

After much thought, and consideration I have decided to go back to my route. As of last night I will no longer be rolling around with my crazy looking Gnome, as of now I shall be representing my former home, and much loved friends of the Horde. I will be going by the name of Vaylen, So if you wish to contact me, Vaylen EU will be my new twitter name and My battletag is Vaylen(Hashtag)2903

I met some fantastic people on the Alliance side, DeusEX are an amazing guild and I really wish them all the luck, but for now, Its time to relax and grow accustomed to the Horde side once again. It was a great feeling logging in and being welcomed by some new faces, Vanskus, Raider in Sacrifice who I may be seeing more of! and Solz of Red Branch who is also interested in WoW Tcg! (Maybe was my crazy spam in Trade chat that caught their attention, nonetheless, was awesome meeting you)

So farewell Alliance, I had a blast! but for now Its Netherix Out, and Hello Vaylen!  

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