Saturday, 7 February 2015

Warlords Of Draenor: Tranquil-ish Talador

Hello folks! Back again with another play through of the expansion! It's been some time now since I quested here on my monk but nonetheless I wanted to share with you guys the experiences I had along the way and some amazing screenshots of my adventures.

From a quick questing location of gorgrond I was rather keen to see what the next location was like. As early as beta and the announcement of this location I was very excited to see what blizzard could produce. From the moment you arrive at your fort I was extremely pleased with the way they executed the starting quests and the beautiful landscape.

From the tranquil locations at the start to the scorched earth towards the south, each place has its own beauty. From saving critters to chasing down the cults of the damage, you will always enjoy each quest chapter. Some of the quests do get a little annoying due to over use of shredders and dealing with other buggy quest objectives. I did really enjoy it however.

I heard of the stories and some spoilers of the ending of the location and I was not let down! The final confrontation of Blackhand with Yrel, Kadgar and Durotan at your side you get to witness and absolutely amazing cinematic which for me made this whole location one of the better questing zones. 

 SPOILERS! Here is the video if you have not yet seen it! 

That's the end of this location! I don't want to go into to much detail in these as I really just want to showcase the screenshots of the location but if you wish to see more of the lore of each place I visit please ask and I will get to work! Stay tuned guys till the next place of interest! 

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