Monday, 17 November 2014

Warlords Of Draenor: Giveaway time! (Winner Selected!)

Hello folks! It's that time again for my readers to have a chance to win some cool goodies! I thought I would put something together for the celebration of Warlords Of Draenor and making this my 100th post! We have come along way since my first post on Brewmaster tanking and and what delight its been! I have met some amazing people through this blog and I can't wait to continue the journey. So here is a rather simple competition for a chance to win a prize.

All you have to do is name the location in which this screenshot was taken in the comments below and I will choose a winner in a weeks time at random! Simples.

- You can only comment once.
- Comments after 27/11/2014 will not be counted.

The official Warlords Of Draenor E-guide! The guide covers information on all the new zones, races, class guides, Garrisons, professions and more!

The Winner of this give away is Fredric! Great job! Catch me in game: Vaylen#2903 to arrange your prize! - Winner was chosen by Slash roll in game. Nice one! 

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