Sunday, 16 November 2014

Warlords Of Draenor: Glorious Gorgrond!

Hello folks! Vaylen back here again with my playthrough of WoD! with the chaos now settling down and servers somewhat becoming stable I was able to get some play time in. I would not of got it on my server due to lag so a good guild friend of mine invited me to his party so I would escape the hassle and lag of Ravencrest and thankfully it worked! Woohoo! The leveling experience was a bit of a rush so far if I'm honest but with me joining the Army soon I wont have any time to play so I made the most of it. In this post I will show you some awesome shots I got of my leveling adventure! Enjoy. 

After a long quest line in Shadowmoon, I was graced with a great change of pace in Gorgrond. It's beauty is seen in every location from the desolate plains up in the most northern regions thanks to Blackrock orcs to the more lush areas down south. As Alliance we venture across the whole area and what a place it is! You first start by setting up an outpost and get to choose between two. I took the Shredder/lumber mill which allowed me to find a ton of garrison stuff and fly about a bit, EPIC! Eat your heart out Blackfuse!

 You can see the Zangarr influences along the coast line and thankfully it was just as beautiful. I am going to be honest I was looking forward to see the Zangarmarsh influences we saw in BC and blizzard did a great job in creating a incredible remake of the first Zangar and a ton of familiar inhabitants like sporebats and moss giants. If you loved the zones back in 2007, you will love them even more so now!

From questing in mines, lush ponds and peaks, this place has abit of something for everyone. Also what I loved about it was the rate of EXP you gained here. Shadowmoon was fast but nothing compares to here. the quests are also very smart in terms of closeness and the ability to do them in very quick concession made leveling even more of a joy. 

The final quest of the zone leads you against the Blackrock clan and putting a halt on their war machines. You will be up against one of the leading commanders of the plot and with a little help from some OP friends, you will be on your way to claiming back what was lost in the glorious location that's Gorgrond.. ENJOY!

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