Wednesday 25 March 2015

Let's play/blog World of Warcraft | Way of the Warrior | 20 - 30 | #3

Hello everyone! welcome to my third lets play/blog series as we follow the keen adventures and exploration of my brand new character Vay, the drunken Dwarf Warrior. It has been a absolute blast so far and I have to admit, I did not think I would have this much fun. Its an incredible class to play, especially fury. I decided for this level bracket I would try out some dungeons and before I knew it I was already 30. The class feels wild, it feels unrelenting and Its so much fun! So sit back, relax and enjoy... Lets blog Warcraft... Warrior style!

Here we are again folks! Questing and killing our way through the leveling brackets! Last week we was adventuring through Loch Modan, a beautiful location set between the rolling hills and tranquil mountain ranges of Dun Morogh and the wetlands. As much as I have enjoyed the questing in the dwarf themed areas, I decided to hit up some dungeons and before I knew it, It was time to get some material for a new blog post! So below is a list of the dungeons and I encountered and a little bit of a back story for them.

Shadowfang Keep - This haunted keep sits right above the borderline to Gilneas overlooking a small village called Pyrewood inhabited by wolves and other evil animals. It's home to a demented and cursed Vincent Godfrey, A traitor to his homeland and forsaken. This instance is the residence of a whole range of undead, and you wont find much trace of the old inhabitant anywhere in the dark and twisted halls. The creatures here are in small packs which make it great for some fury warrior damage. Plus the bosses are unique and different from each other.

Blackfathom Deeps - A incredible dungeon, one of the few underwater instances that drags you through many daunting caverns and leaking pathways that open on to ancient architecture which is probably nightelf origin, that is now over run with the twilight cult who are also joined by a mix of creatures and Naga to defend their holy demi god, Aku'Mai, a huge dragon like Hydra. This instance is a difficult one to find, but once the Temple is found to the far west of ashenvale along the coats line, it can be found after a short underground swim, So if you wish to find the entrance, don't forget your flippers and a waterproof map. This also had a re work for WoD and some of the boss encounters have some great mechanics. My new healing spell was great here along with Victory rush.

Scarlet Halls - This dungeon is located with its other counterparts in Tirisfal glades, slightly north of Undercity. This instance was re worked and now is home to what seem to be crazed Zealots and crusaders, defending their keeps from what was only Undead nightmares to pretty much anything living. The Scarlet crusade have a history of doing so, with anything that is attempting to disrupt their holy ground is an enemy. This particular instance is home to a Houndmaster, Armsmaster and a Wizard by the name of Koegler, Don't stand in the fire!

Level 25 was fast approaching so I took a look at some of the ones I thought would be great as you unlock a Major and a Minor slot at level 25, 50 and 75! From what I saw, the rage increasing glyphs was mandatory and the minor glyphs are only cosmetic so I decided to rock the burning anger one!

Once I hit level 30 I realized I had another set of talents to choose from, from what I can see from these, they are our healing utility. Below are the ones you unlock!  

The Idea of being able to heal myself when needed although for a very small amount was beneficial to my leveling, so as you can see from the image above, I decided to go with Enraged Regeneration. The others sound great and I can see their uses but I kill things fast enough that Victory Rush  takes care of my health most of the time. 

I also gained some interesting abilities while leveling!

Heroic Throw
Raging Blow

Raging Blow cosmetic looks amazing and hits like a truck, As a dwarf you leap in the air and hit targets with both weapons (Like a glorified Mutilate) But way cooler! I also gained an interrupt which will be valuable during my adventures.

So that's it from me Ladies and Gents, I hope you liked this some what different blog post due to the nature of my leveling this week but I have to say its been a blast as always. Again, thank you all for your continued support on the forums. I am really glad that other people can enjoy this adventure with me and if people would like to see more of my leveling, I may start a live stream! Until then folks follow me on the usual twitter/armory and I shall see you soon! - Vay. 

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