Thursday, 24 July 2014

To Master The Arts, You Must Look The Part.

Hello explorers, adventures and transmogrification experts around the world! In this Blog post I share with you some of my collected T-Mog sets I have been tinkering with over the past few months. Unfortunately we monks don't have as much to go for in terms of tiers and such being the new coming to the classes in MoP but that wont stop us! With a bit of imagination and some farming you can acquire some lovely bits n' bobs. These are the sets I have on my monk most of the time, as you will tell, I like the simplistic looks. So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

The Farmer

This is probably my most used T-mog in game right now, most of my guild know me for this set and claiming myself as "The best Farmer in all of azeroth" which is rather fitting to the monk I suppose. This took me a few months to get the bits together for this through nothing but trial and error. I'm happy with the final result, maybe a few bits of tweaking could still be done but none the less I'm pleased. I just wish I had the Magic rooster to follow suit!

The Blood-Seaker

This next set was inspired by the rogue looking set from ICC infused with the armor style of the monk. I originally started with the full look-alike T10 rogue set but after getting some Prideful gear and forgetting to T-mog it I realised how cool it looked. I wanted to try and keep it evil looking but match up the red sections of the set through out. The mask was the last item to finish of the look. May not be to everyone's taste but I do like the look of it! The knuckle dusters give it that more menacing feel to it. This tends to be my PvE outfit. 

The Vile Soul Of Kinship

What a lovely name! I made this name through some of the items in this T-mog. This is my most recent one put together a few days ago inspired by the not so common rogue set off pieces from Naxx 25. I love the evil feel to it and with this set I feel like the Helmet not showing gives it that edge. I wanted to go for a dark looking character but not to *Ninja* like. It's far to common in the monks these days so went for something a little more subtle. This is my go to T-mog set for PvP. I love this a fair bit to be fair! 

There you have it folks, a little insight in to my preferable style for my monk, from basic farmer outfits to the more evil looking soul of Kinship as I named it! Fancy! I like to go for things that are not used so much and hopefully this gives you fellow master of the winds to have a change of wardrobe! Until next time guys, Be safe! 

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