Friday, 4 July 2014

Guild Event: Independence day!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you guys the event from tonight, it was a quick thing I fancied doing to celebrate Independence day and a great excuse to get people who are able to jump on at a short notice and have some fun. Things escalated rather quickly after the initial meet up and you will see from the screenshots I put together, just how crazy it got!

How it began..
So I wanted to get people together (who ever was on and fancied it at the time) and was pleased by how many people came, We grabbed some beers/fireworks and headed too Booty bay to watch the fire works, I have never seen them before in game so it was a good chance to have a look. My original plan was to get a few screenshots of us as a guild there and that be it.. but as soon as we started killing people in Booty bay, we had the taste for blood.

After our screenshots and firework spam we decided to greet the fellow players over in Goldshire.. crazy Idea right, well it has a reputation most of our guild try to avoid.. MOST! *Looks at frank* Anyway we grouped up, took some screenshots and things once again, as they always do in Forged Legacy, got a touch out of hand and apparently druids got wood, lots of wood. We started of with a few drinks downstairs and we then decided to see what the fuss was about upstairs. Try and spot me with my head in the bed...

From drinking to ganking..
After the odd moments in Goldshire we then decided to head over to Kalimdor and see what kind of mess we could cause over there. The best way to show your faction pride is by going over there and killing everything! We started in ratchet and took a detour through Crossroads then towards the west entrance in Origmmar. We never thought we would even get in the gate being only a small group of 11.. but this is Forged Legacy, we wing everything!

As you can see from the photo above we had our awesome Lock, Rulock summon up the warhorses and on we marched! FOR THE HORDE! I mean... Alliance... I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING!

Once we got in Orgimmar we then thought, lets see how tough Garrosh really is. After reading a bit of War Crimes I wanted to smash the donkeys face in so we stuck together, ninja style and got in his room. We spent a good 25/30 minutes killing him as he had so much health but he hit like a wet fish. Maybe because of Taran Zhu's punch that knocked his focus abit, anyway we managed to kill him with only 11 of us, while defending off the horde..Grimlar however was not so lucky... :p But great job guys! Was great fun and grats on the achievement!

How it ends..

And there we have it, most of us made it back out alive without even dying to Garrosh and his warriors. We surely changed the way he will think towards the Alliance and our guild! I just want to say a quick thank you to those who came on such short notice and made such a simple event, so much fun! Looking forward to taking on the rest as we go, hopefully a few more guildies will come!

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