Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wanderer In The Mist #5

Adventurers and people in need of some vitamin D! Today we head towards some of the more sunnier locations in Warcraft. Last week we dipped our boots in to some rather cold locations I enjoyed playing through and today we venture to the dry and remote locations that offer plenty of exploring but don't forget your brew! You will need it out here folks. Sit back, relax and enjoy.. Wanderer In The Mist! 

The winter is behind us and today we get to explore and show off some of the most beautiful locations in Azeroth. These two spots in particular are my favorites, there are many other spots like these through out the continents such as Blasted lands, Shadowmoon valley and Badlands etc but to me, these two have a special place in my heart. So lets get to it! 

Our first location out of the two we're visiting is the sunny and remote southern region in Kalimdor. We first ventured here in Cataclysm and even to this date players still enjoy questing through here, myself included because nothing beats questing in great underground tombs and beautiful rolling sand dunes. Much like Uldaman and Ulduar, Uldum is one of three locations to home some of the creations built by the titans which visually makes this one of the most incredible places blizzard have built. I actually remember the PTR footage of this place and I was so excited to explore it myself! 

The geography of this location really does reflect on its inhabitants. throughout the desert there is a large river that leads down in to an oasis surrounded by Tol'vir and some nasty snapping crocs. Stay away from the waters edge! Unless you're on of those flower picking lovers! The surrounding areas and main capital is home to the Ramkahen, This serves as their training grounds and trading center. This was one of the greatest spots to see Blizzards new graphic engine working well! It looked so good! 

Much of the surrounding locations form the city here are constantly in battle with the strong winds commanded by Al'akir's elemental minions that are recently causing more and more explorers to go missing. The Tol'vir are also here guarding the titan secrets dwelling within the sands, but to be honest these constructions are so large they are really not that hard to miss :P and they don't do a great job in doing so! 

Another great feature here is the unique quest lines. They wont ever bore you! From questing with the Ramkahen to one of the more noble and crazy characters Harrison Jones. He will help you discover your more adventurous side by taking you through some crazy locations. Get that screenshot button ready folks! On to our next location! 

Our last location in this episode and to most it comes to no surprise that this spot was picked to be mentioned. Tanaris has a huge place in my heart, it was here that my very first world PvP experience really took off. Of course there was those moments in STV but at this level and not so many end game players roaming the sand dunes here you could get some great fights going on! most of trouble brewing was around the main neutral town of Gadgetzan but that never stopped us from going out further into the desert! 

Home to a number of races and creatures the more noticeable and well known resident here is the great Nozdormu, the leader of great Bronze dragon flight and the keeper of time. This desert also holds some titan features much like its brother next door, Uldum. Below the sands of this vast desert is were the great dragon flight resides deep within the caverns of time. Here you will go back through the fabrics of time to see some great moments in Azeroth history like Thralls escape of Durnholde and the opening of the dark portal in the Black morass that connects Azeroth too Draenor. 

Another bold feature here is the amount of space that is infested with pirates, hooligans and drunks. The pirates of the south sea dwell in the cliffs hiding from the rest of the world. This side of the zone has had a dramatic past due to the weather changes during the cataclysm caused by deathwings return. A colossal tidal wave crashed over the eastern shoreline and has changed it for ever, so you will notice alot more water in land, Thanks Deathwing! I'm not a good swimmer!  

During your adventures here you will notice the odd sandstorm roaming over the land. This is one of blizzards well implemented weather effects but its on a rather sporadic time. I wanted to try and get some clean screenshots for you guys but I waited over an hour for it to pass over but it kept going and going so I thought.. Lets go screenshot crazy anyway! So if you do get caught out here during the storm, head for cover or be ready to dig yourself a new home for a few hours! 

So that's it for this episode folks! next week we take our maps and tools with us to some of the more haunted locations. We dive deep below the earths surface in to some of the forgotten catacombs home to undying spirits and horrors of the deep. Until then, have a great weekend everyone! - Vaylen.

Tune in tonight(2/22/2014) at 5PM GMT for the special episode of monk meditation podcast! Drop by and chat to us! 

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