Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blizzcon 2013 | Day 2 | Live updates!

Hello guys and girls! Second day of Blizzcon for the live updates, stay tuned here! I unfortunately missed a bit of the start but lets get rocking! commentary on these changes on but remember! We wont be showing actual Con footage, just our opnions and group discussion on these. 


8:15 pm GMT -  Now gear is depending on spec, so no more armor specializations! Primary states change on gear also! this making sharing, they also want jewelry, cloaks, trinkets, weps  etc!

8:17 pm GMT - New Tertiary stats, works like diablo so you get bonus fun stats for your gear. Like life stealing and such they are automatic effects and can not be reforged.

8:19 pm GMT - Huge Item squish! so it looks like there getting ride of the huge numbers. The power jumps are also going to be flattened.

8:21 pm GMT - Something to look a but your relative power wont change!

8:29 pm GMT - They also mentioned something as an example, Even the item squish will happen, it wont take you any longer to kill a mob as it would now. 

8:30 pm GMT - new cool 

NEWS! - Our EU beauties of Method won the race between Midwinter!

Tune to this post in 30 minutes for updates on the movie! 

9:03 pm GMT - MOVIE TIME! 

9:06 pm GMT - The movie will be ready in 2 years time! so here they will explain the story! 

9:09 pm GMT - he wants to make the film based on both sides of the factions horde and alliance.

Im happy this guy is our director, he was a player, he knew what we wanted, lets hope it delivers.

9:13 pm GMT - It will be a CGI based movie, and he wants it emotive and make the characters to look real.   

9:14 pm GMT - there speaking on what story they could use..... I WANT TO KNOW COMMON! 

9:17 pm GMT - the first artwork shown was draenor.. OHH MYY LORRRD! They also show Dalaran! We also saw some pictures of iron forge! 

9:20 pm GMT - We saw an animated shot of Stormwind! it looks beautiful!

9:24 pm GMT - The costumes will be real and hand made to see how the use on the CGI.

9:27 pm GMT - They said their working with people who did the animations for avengers and such. 

9:29 pm GMT - they want to make the movie alot like the game but for new viewers to enjoy it. 

9:31 pm GMT - Duncan Jones speaks on the difficulties of what implications will be caused making the film, he speak son layers and making sure other things mesh well together. 

9:35 pm GMT - Something special is coming! He called comicon a bunch of posers so we really need something they mention some characters! Its orcs vs humans, Lothar vs Durotan! OOHH SNAPPPP! 

9:40 pm GMT - They speak on the stories and how similar the main characters are.

9:43 pm GMT - Duncan said its a breakthrough for this film, they speak on having both sides hold sympathetic characters. They said it will be a gritty and dark, YES! Music will also be true to the game and envelop the people who watch it.

9:54 pm GMT - They will bring in some strong lead females which is great and the next year they will bring in the blizzcon team next year for next year. Chris Metzen also said he would love a TV show. 

10:04 pm GMT - They will also be releasing it in 2D initially and then possibly 3D and PG 13.

That wraps up the movie panel! I can not wait to see this film already for a lore junky like me. 

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