Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Competition results!

Hello everyone and thank you to those who participated in my competition on my 9k milestone, Within a week I have now passed 10k total views which is awesome and I'm so pleased, So I just want to thank the people that have stuck by me from day one on this project. It's this awesome feedback that I continue to work on new posts and try new things as well as be able to give back to the community. So lets dive straight in to it! 

This zone, I know would be slightly misleading, I wanted to get a picture that really pushed peoples ideas on were it was taken, Indeed there are two places that was and coming up alot in the answers but their are differences between the two, However this Particular photo was taken in.. *DRUMM ROOLL*

Halls of Stone! Congratulations to:

- Dean Jenkins
- Adam Mclean 

You have both won a random TCG card and will be mailed to you tonight! Well done and thank you for participating! My next competition will be towards the end of the month as a Christmas giveaway so stay tuned! - Vaylen.

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