Sunday, 8 June 2014

Welcome to Wildstar Cupcake!

Greetings fellow explorers ! It's been a crazy few weeks but I just wanted to write up about my first little taste of the hot on the agenda MMO, Wildstar! I was a bit hesitant to try it at first, coming from a Blizzard background of games I find it hard to settle in to another game as well as comparing almost everything too it, but I put that aside and looked at it from another direction, what has it got that other games don't have. I wont have all the answers just yet, but from what I have experienced so far, It has a ton of potential and already is developing into a fantastic franchise. I wont go in to too much detail in this post, just more of a basic overview. So sit back, grab your finest brew and lets cause some havoc on the nexus, Spanky!

Initial thoughts
So here we have it, finally, after all the hype and skepticism its finally on our desktops and I have to say, my initial thoughts are extremely positive. I started my first character as a Mordesh Stalker/Explorer and I had a blast, but something just did not feel right, don't get me wrong the races are incredible, they are so different to each other and the path I had chosen was great, but it just seemed to be a little out of place for my playstyle. I was one of those guys who has to complete every mission and explore every corner of the map before I move on and for me, explorer just felt to much of a drag, I wanted something different. So I had a little think and came up with this little chap, Vayru. He is a Aurin, an energetic race that wont hold back on defending their land from the dominion. I also picked a different path and tried out the Scientist, which by the way is incredible. Less time running around and more time finding out lore hidden in the smallest of caves and tallest of mountains, that suits me perfectly! As for the class, I'm a spellslinger, Pistols and magic just seemed more fun than wolverine claws. 

The Nexus is a big place! 
This was one thing I was hoping they would do well, How diverse can they create a world that's different to what we have seen before? I think their graphics engine is perfect. It creates a whole new feel to the game. It's nice to appreciate such great artwork and they way its presented is amazing. Maybe I'm so used to the WoW layout and how its not really changed over almost a decades worth of technological advances, but its done in such a way that makes it unique and engaging. 

I think we can all agree that the finished product here is amazing. It's great to know a game was created around a unique look and to me it makes the game have a deeper and richer feel to it. Maybe I love it so much because this is the first MMO I have played brand new from WoW and its a lovely bit of fresh air. There are also two other continents to explore but I will keep that a mystery! *jazz hands*

So, lets get to the most important part, the game play, how does it feel? How does it make me feel when I play it? All in all, its great. At first, I hated the idea of the *Telegraph* system but when you understand why they had chosen this style of combat, you will soon learn to love it. It adds a slightly higher complexity as you have to balance timing with precision. I have not done any dungeons yet but from killing elite bosses you're constantly moving in and out of the bad. This is persistent in almost every encounter you do, so over time you will be better at it and that's something I enjoy. Everyone will evolve over time and the skill cap is pretty big. I hope the folks behind this game keep it challenging because ultimately, that's why I play it. 

The quest log is fantastic as well as the in game GPS system that points you in the right direction of your current quest/task and the distance you are away from it. You also find a ton of lore books in and around the world which is something I adore. I'm a huge lore fan in all the games I have played and if I had more time, I would sit and read every book, but thanks the the great archives feature, they are saved for another rainy day. Also a quick mention to the guild system. Forget tabards being displayed like a wet dish cloth and "Hello!" to the shiny holographic crests coming from your shoulders... So much tech feels it makes me happy inside.

There are a few pitfalls right now as you would expect from a new game, The quest log text gets a little fumbled, A few mobs tend to vanish and as a scientist your probe refuses to work, but its nothing a quick re-log can't fix. Overall, I have nothing but positive thoughts about this game, if you can look past the common concepts of MMO's and the big names we compare this beautiful game too, you really do see how great it can be, already it has a personality and too me that's important because its gets me even more excited when it comes to blog write ups. But look how beautiful it is, I run this on the lowest graphics possible and it still blows me away. I have not touched on player housing, dungeons, PvP or a real in depth look at the paths, but for now guys, I hope you're enjoying the game as much as I am! 

Plug ins
- If you're thinking about joining the adventures within the Nexus hit me up on twitter for a quest pass to test out the game for yourself! 
Twitter: @VaylenEU
- We have a World of Warcraft community but we are bringing it over too Wildstar for our guild members to stay in contact and explore this amazing world so keep an eye our for our Forged Legacy representatives. 

That's it form me folks, as I said a very basic overview of some of the things I wanted to mention, expect a ton more coming up as well as WoW GM posts and more! If you wish to find me in game on Wildstar I will be shooting some aliens or... sheep? over on Archon EU server. Have a lovely week cupcakes! Also thanks to our warlock Kalinyx for my photo edit! - Vaylen.

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