Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Way Of The Guild Master #2

Hello folks! The past month has been an incredible journey for me as a Warcraft player. As some of you may or may not know, I have started my own guild project over on Ravencrest EU/Alliance. The guild originally was to home my friends I have met through my travels but since I wanted to create a new home for everyone, not just us close friends, It's been the best Idea I have had and the way our guild is forming is truly incredible. Alot has gone on since my last guild related post, which you can find here. So please, sit back, relax and grab your pot of finest brew as we take a little look in to the most recent adventures, mishaps and progress we have made as a family.  

As the peons would say, "Werk Werk!" running a guild is hard work, but to remain focused and set on your goal is the most important thing, with any project. Players who see your guild on forums or players who join for the first time want to see that energy and that passion and I feel that from each and every one of our members. The people who have joined our guild have made such an impression that I can not thank them enough. We have people from all different backgrounds, lifestyles and ages, It's this diversity that keeps our guild strong and despite some ups and downs, we have grown together and its made our guild a better place to be.

I was a bit scared when I realized a few weeks in to the guild creating process that I would have to much work on my hands and take the fun away from gaming, but thanks to the guild members, they have taken some of that strain off me and enabled me to continue to push for our goal and as a result, our guild is finally running at full steam without me loosing my sanity. I did not want to create the guild with my word being the final one, so after a few weeks of getting to know the players I wanted to create officer roles with a difference, here is how they operate currently.

Who can I contact in game for specific Information?
Moving forward we have created a set of officers to make our guild stand out and run smoothly, below is the list of officers and their roles.
So you're into PvE and want to explore new content?
Please contact our guild raid leader and handsome Tank, Rossdaboss for information on how you guys can get in to raiding.
If you're new to raiding or have not even stepped inside a raid before, don't fear! Our second and noble officer Tingsie is here to help you become a better raider.
Our community team is here to support you! 
If you are looking to join our guild and want to know more about us, please contact our Recruitment officer Syana or myself.
Making sure our guild information is out there for you all too see is important to us and what attracts new players too us, so our External Community officer Kalinyx is here to make sure our website is up to date and looking fresh. Also, we post news bites up on our twitter page so give us a message and she can get back to you!
Who can forget our jack of all trades, handy man and great friend, Peakaboom, if you have any general questions about our guild such as guild bank information, contracts even when we do some pvp nights, his the chap you message.

So whats left for me? 
I'm doing my best to make sure the guild remains true to it's cause and keeping in contact with my officers with anything that goes on in and out of the guild. I will focus as much as I can on the community side of things which means you may not see me in raid as much, but making sure the guild reaches and surpasses its goals is what I'm working for.

Our members well-being is important!
Making sure everyone is happy can be almost impossible but making sure you have done your best to accommodate most is a worthy cause. We have a huge amount of pride for our guild and all of its members so if there is any trouble or people making members feel inadequate will result in a guild kick. Guild image is everything to us and making sure we follow that is important.

This format has really enabled us to focus on our individual goals and I think trust is the most important part of  running a guild, even in the past few weeks these guys have really stood out too me and I can not thank them enough. Our guild has purpose and direction, something many guilds lack now days and its thanks to the officer team and our members who make it so great and such an enjoyable place to be.

Our current ventures
We as a guild want to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and different, that in mind we don't just log on for raids and that is our usual routine, we form dungeon groups, PvP nights, guild events such as our Tmog competition for blizzard store prizes, treasure hunts, hearthstone tournaments, player spotlights(interviews) Diablo 3 nights as well as pre current content clears for new raiders and flex. With WoD in the not so distant future and the introduction of the new raiding systems, we can continue to push our social aspect of the guild even further! Also as special mention to our Warlock Zircon who is a incredible artist working on the guilds comic series! All info on the series can be found on our other website here. Please feel free to browse through the character list to see who will be featuring!

Building friendships 
As a result of our hard work and focus on a strong community people are making new friends every day, new members feel welcome and already we have people planning guild meet ups and such. Obviously this is not for everyone out there, but it does show that people are making friends here and I think a huge help to that is our website. People post all sorts of random information from what their cooking to random videos, all this interaction makes us stand out, I think anyway.

Are we still recruiting? 
Of course we are! Despite our huge influx in members over the past week, we never want to close our doors to players looking for a new home. We understand that end game content is not for everyone, or people just want to be able to socialize and feel proud to be in a guild again. Lets not forget new players looking for a fresh and stable start in game, That is something I know we as a guild can provide for you. We want to make this community something far larger than just a typical guild and as such I'm always on the look out for bloggers, tweeters and podcaster's to join our humble home and make the world aware that there is a guild out there, over on the EU side striving to be as great as it can be and to make your game time that little bit more enjoyable.

If you're looking for more information about us, please use the following links:

Many thanks, Vaylen/Ravencrest EU/GM of <Forged Legacy>

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