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Wanderer Of The Mist #3

Hello fellow adventurers, prospectors & explorers alike! *tilts hat and pulls out a map* It's that time again to venture out in to the mist of secrets and forgotten locations to see what gems we can find within Azeroth. In this episode we venture through some of the most epic history, A secret location In Feralas and others, so sit back relax and pack your bags as we venture forth in to the unknown once again! 

- Lake Dumont 
Our first Location we're heading out towards is a small sub zone created by the cataclysmic events of Deathwings return within Feralas. I wanted to really explore this location a little more because as some of you may know, I like to mention my favorite locations a fair bit, Feralas for me is one of those zones. Its unique beauty, rich lore that connects with the druids of the area really makes this place a thing of beauty. Out of all the zones in Kalimdor, this is one of the greatest. This location in particular is only accessible via flying mount but some have claimed to (with the use of in game mechanics) been able to get there by foot. So, we head north!

 As you can see, there is a huge mass of water and between that is home to a number of races, how did they get here? who knows. That's one mystery I don't think we will find, they are not even quest givers. What makes this location even more strange is the tower that stands proud even after what seems to be some damage to the structure. It also illuminates a bright green glow making it some what magical too. I ventured here as a Horde race and I an tell you that even these alliance NPC'S are friendly.

When you take a closer look at these folks, You will have a rather awesome surprise. After a bit of research in to these 12 NPC's they were actually named after Blizzard employees, All part of the same team in one of blizzards many sectors.  I wont give away any others names, this is a location for you to explore!

Besides one of the trees is home to a small grave, what seems to be a remembrance stone. There is not that much information on who it was for, but my guess is that it was for someone within the team. If you hover over it with your mouse it will read "IVAN" a little bit more research is needed to be carried out and I will be sure to update you on any new bits of information! A cool to be honest!

 - Echos Of Lordaeron  
So we're now treading on a rich section of Warcraft history, at some point of another each and every one of us has passed through the courtyard and bell tower that leads us in to the belly of Undercity, but never have we really took the time so look at the surroundings and tune in to the echos that cascade down these halls. If you do have a moment to spare, I highly recommend doing so, something amazing will fill your ears with the sounds of history and what changed the once high power of Lordaeron. 

Destroyed by the plague that spread across this land and now the starting zone for the Forsaken, It's hard to believe that the now Trisfal Glades, Silverpine forest and surrounding areas was once part of the powerful human kingdom called Lordareon, ruled by their king, Terenas and noble prince, Arthas. What we will find here is the haunting and hidden echos of the day that Arthas betrayed his father and kingdom, in the corrupted journey he had taken that would result to this tragedy. Lets have a little look in to the back story here to help you understand what we're exploring. 

Years ago, this location was ruled by King Terenas and his son Arthas. During this time, the noble humans were at war with conflict and the scourge, Because of this, Arthas wanted only one thing, to protect his people at all costs, this would then lead him to destroy Stratholme, hurt his loved ones, kill innocents, break his bonds with the Silver hand paladins and start his quest for the legendary weapon, Frostmourne which would then ultimately lead him to become, The Lich King of Northrend. Once the weapon was found, he returned to his fathers kingdom, the citizens thought nothing but joy and Happiness to see their prince returning home. However, horror would unfold and shake the very foundations of this noble race. The Newly corrupted Arthas murdered his father, this leading to the decay of Lordaeron.  

In today's world these memories can be heard within the ruins here. First make sure the game music settings are turned all the way down, yet your ambiance and sound is maxed. Next travel to the Bell tower south of the courtyard, over the green mote, once inside you will notice a bell that is part of the destroyed tower now on the ground  resting here, with your sounds up, you will hear the ghostly bells chiming just like they did for Arthas's home coming. The hidden sounds continue if you head south towards the throne room, which was the same path Arthas walked leading up to his fathers death. Here in the hallway, with a careful listen, you will hear cheers and clapping of the citizens that once filled these halls.

 Another hidden secret, is now within the Throne room, here, with the ambiance turned up and a little patients you will faintly hear the confrontation of Arthas and his father King Terenas, In this very moment you are listening to the forgotten Echos Of Lordaeron, the pivotal moment when the corrupted prince, killed his father and vanquished the city. These seen can also be witnessed in the Warcraft RTS franchise. Yet more secrets are there for you to find, that will make this whole experience even more exciting. Head to the south - western corner of the decorative floor within the throne room, down there and still visible is the dark red stains of the kings blood. All of these effects make one of my most favorite stories even more real.. Something both the Horde and alliance can enjoy first hand. Enjoy! 

- Demon In The Dark
Our Final destination of this episode takes us to the slightly cooler coast of Dark shore, directly south of the near by fishing village of the night elves, Lor'Danel. A savage moment in history had flew over this location and many others within Kalimdor. Deathwing had arisen from his lair within Deepholm, and caused havoc upon villages and remote places in Azeroth. Although devastating, this unfortunate event has created some incredible locations for people like us to explore!

As you can see from the pictures, this location looks rather strange, when you're there with the ambiance and sound volume high, you can really grasp the change here, the animals can feel it and tend to stay away from this spot, when this used to be their home, however, we have a mission. It's believed that below this vortex is the secret cavern of a Demon hunter, that's right folks and we thought there was only one! It's also said that this location will reward an alliance character with an achievement "Ghosts In The Dark" After returning a scroll dropped from the Demon. So can there really be a Demon from the past, hiding down there in a secret cave?

It is indeed, true! The Demon Hunter shares a similar resemblance to Illidan, back in the Black Temple. With slightly different looking weapons he certainly looks the part! The video below shows my first encounter with this location, have a little watch if you have the time! Don't forget, Watch in HD!

So there you have it folks! That's our third segment of exploration and I cant wait to find out other locations to share with you guys. I really do enjoy writing these posts, to really dive deeper in to the rich game we have played over the years and still find surprises, really does show testament to blizzards work. Good work chaps! Until next time guys, have your hats and thermal gloves at the ready, as we venture in to some of the coldest regions in Azeroth and see what once forgotten myths and treasures we can uncover! - Vaylen. 

Oh also, a little message to anyone who's interested in winning a WoW TCG only battle pet.. I will be holding a competition once I reach my next milestone of 30K total views! so stay tuned :)

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