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Wanderer Of The Mist #4

Greetings fellow explorers! So far in our adventure we have looked for secret locations within Azeroths darkest and most remote corners. We have found memories and huge amounts of history, rituals forgotten in the past and the rather strange things blizzard has implemented over the years. In this episode we start too look at the vast climate change around the continents of Azeroth, the places that are hidden by weather. From the Icy peaks of Kun lai, to the searing heat of Tanaris, To the humidity within Stranglethorn,  we will venture forth and explore these extremely different locations. So grab your finest brew and compass folks! 

And so the warm breeze has past, the days grow shorter, the nights fall to freezing temperatures. However during these cold times, it is often the case that some of the most beautiful locations in Azeroth are dwelling in some of the most coldest and unforgiving terrains. We venture too some of the coldest regions and have a look at some of the details hiding there. I love exploring these types of places just to see how blizzard work around different weather systems, But you have to admit, they sure do look amazing! 

Summit Of Ironforge
There is very little to this location, usually when you find something like this, it's generally related to something, but with not much information given about this summit, we're still left to speculate what exactly this little Easter egg was intended for. Above the grand halls of this mountain there is home to a little secret. Before flying mounts were finally allowed to be used in Azeroth, the only way you could find this place is by foot, or mount if you could afford one. After spending hours looking for a way up, myself and a group of friends thought it would be interesting to see if there was any way to reach the top of Ironforge, not knowing what to expect!

During our quest, we came across what looked like old watch towers hiding within the mountain, again, not much is known about these buildings, why are they here? why so high up? Maybe a defense system put in place during the way? not much is known about them, but what I do know is that they make awesome screenshots! You can still access this Summit on foot if you wish, but it can take some time looking for the correct path to follow.

I have always had a soft spot for this place, My first real adventure outside of questing, I was astounded by how much detail the game had, this was when I was new and I just want to re create that feeling for new adventurers and Veterans alike! So grab your hiking boots, thermal flask and gloves, as we are about to look for more chilly wonders around Azeroth!

Neverest Pinnacle
From the cold breeze off the northern winds sweeping across Eastern kingdoms, to the mighty chill that rests upon one of the tallest mountains in Pandaria. The Neverest Pinnacle rests just north of the Kota Basecamp is one of the most beautiful creations from blizzard. One can't help but think this is their version of Mount Everest... Similar name, huge peak and an incredible thing to see for yourself, this mountain is a Screenshot dream!

The temperature here is one of the coldest regions in Azeroth, explorers must be advised to take caution when climbing the path that leads to its summit, the poor fella here had no chance! However, once you reach the top, You will be greeted by one of three Legends of the Brewfathers, Ren Yun. Once you click on the statue, the passage reads as the following:

Father of the individual sensory beers and the Four Senses Brew.
- Ren Yun, his other senses heightened by his blindness, suffered for years with what he considered to be the harsh taste of normal Pandaren brews.  After years of wandering and experimentation he developed separate brews that delighted each of his four senses but, though he had perfected these individual beers, the combination of the separate elements into one perfect unifying brew eluded him. For a lifetime more he wandered on until he found at last the secret to bind all of his sensory beers into one master recipe, the Four Senses Brew.

A blind Pandaren, brewing what he brews best, I loved reading this and I really enjoyed looking up some more information on this location, so please feel free to head up to its peak, enjoy its beauty as I did! The Neverest Pinnacle is one of blizzards many captivating locations, I hope WoD brings in many more of these in the some what near future. 

This location was one of many I was torn between adding, I was stuck between this one and Storm peaks, but due how much I loved the Rise Of The Lich King book I just had to feature this location. Icecrown, home to the Lich, a land destroyed by the scourge. So much death, so much agony in one location, it still holds some of the most amazing lore I have read to date. I guess not everyone is in the same boat as me, But the story of Arthas and his quest for Frostmourne is just too gripping and so incredible, this location just had to be added! going back to my last Wanderer episode, I mentioned the history and story of Arthas as we discovered history in the making still dwelling in the halls of what is now known as Undercity. It sets a really strong feel for this place... and to me really builds up that corrupted feel to the story.

Home to many other races, Icecrown is a zone of dark history and yet some beauty to go with it, it's like the doubled edged blade, it has its glories side, yet it holds some of the darkest secrets in Warcraft Lore. In this very location Kil'Jaeden cast out Ner'zhul back in to the mortal world, his prison slamming in to the glacier now known as the frozen throne. It's power as it crashed in to Northrend's land shook, the impac t could be heard from Grizzly hills and back!

But as history unfolds, the citadel is now home to a far more corrupt being, Arthas. His uncontrollable feelings towards protecting his people at all costs lead him to this location. Ner'zhul speaking to him, calling for him. He lusted for power. after finding the fabled weapon Frostmourne, he went back to his homeland and killed the entire city including his father. He came back looking for more power until he had control over the scourge. The creatures that dwell in this forsaken place will always need a leader so the scourge don't cause utter chaos, so there must always be.. a Lich King. So are you ready for an adventure? Looking to discover the secrets to this uncontrollable force? Grab your gear folks, you will need it!

Tip: A fellow Blogger, Darklady mentioned about a small island North off the coast, I wont go in to much detail about it, I will leave that surprise for you! Thanks for showing me dark!

 The beautiful , rolling hills of the Springs, I loved this place the moment I got out of that hell hole that's known as Felwood. The questing here was amazing, and with the long grinds to level back in Vanilla, I used to farm the undead that patrol the Lake Kel 'Theril ruins for Icy weapon enchantments. This place had everything, Yetis, Tigers, Bears and the odd Orc and Troll to hunt down, this place really did feel like an endgame zone... Ahh the good ol' days! Lets move away from some of the less cheerful locations and end this episode with a place we're all aware of and a place that holds a ton of beauty.

There is not many locations/zones in Kalimdor that share the same weather patterns as winterspring and that to me makes it so special and unique. When you look at the geographical structure and the amount of rich lush/barren zones that fill up this continent, a snowy area like this just sticks out like a sore thumb! Its surrounding zones are nothing like it... Strange..

So the only zone in the northern part of Kalimdor to of had seen snow, but legend has it, that during the events of reign of chaos, the valley was in a rare period of springtime, when no snow was covering the ground.. and the animals that we see roaming now had vanished? Could we see anything like this happening again? I hope so! If you have not already, I recommend exploring this location. If you're in to your night elves history/lore there is so much to find here! Grab your compass and best snow shoes when coming out here, and be warned... YETI!

So that's this episode covered folks! in the next episode I will cover some of the more warmer locations in and around Azeroth.. We venture in to the scorching desert sands of Uldum and Tanaris. Know of any other locations? Feel free to leave a comment below or on my twitter: @VaylenEU and I will be sure to check them out! Also, I will be holding a competition once I reach 30k blog views, so stay tuned for that! - Vaylen.

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