Saturday 14 March 2015

Let's play/blog World Of Warcraft | Way of the Warrior | 1-10 | #1

Hello my fellow adventures! I am back with a brand new lets play! In these brief blog posts I like to share my experiences of leveling a new class for the first time, lore behind the class as well as some amazing information on the locations I quest through. I have always been a lover of lore, melee classes and more importantly to me, the lore behind the Dwarfs. So sit back, grab your finest keg of brew and come with me on a new adventure.

So! first things first. The class was picked by my guild members by a poll, In all honesty I was preying they would pick this one as I hinted at this one being picked on TS multiple times. Huuzzaahh! It worked! I have always enjoyed melee classes over any other DPS type in the game for its quick moving play style and the warrior certainly felt the right choice after playing a Monk and a Shaman for some time. The warrior acts as a bloodthirsty killer, gaining rage through normal hits and spending rage on hard hitting spells. Juicy.

Secondly, the race. Such an importance to me is being able to connect to the character and for me, having an OCD with making sure I don't have multiple races on my selection screen or classes for that matter the Dwarf was just perfect. I have always loved the lore of this race more than any other in Warcraft and I could not wait to start playing it. *Strokes beard*

So I had the race, class and a fresh new guild tabard to match my new character much to my guild mates disgust, I was ready! Ready to get some awesome screenshots and work out what I wanted to do with this class. 

The adventure stars deep within the icy mountains of Dun Morogh defending your bunker in Coldridge Valley from an obvious threat. What starts as slaying some Troggs, healing up some fallen comrades, getting information from the trolls about a troublesome cave down towards the south, you are thrown in to the thick of a fight.

After completing a number of quests for some folk around town which involves a bit of drinking, looking for drink and drinking more drink, you are asked to head over to Kharanos the small military hub at the foot of Ironforge this town is also known world renown fame because Thunderbrew Distillery producing some of the finest brews in the world and every Dwarf knows how important that is! After a short introduction to the zone we are once again thrown in to the deep end. 

During my questing session I was able to get from 1 - 10 rather quickly and the next big question after the questing was what Spec to play?! Now, I had a plan of going to roll a tank because of the fast ques and being able to speed up my leveling experience but I decided to throw that idea out the window and rock a Warrior, with two huggeee axes and indulge within my own drunken rage! Fury baby! 

Below is a list of the spells obtained during my questing!

Victory Rush
Crazed Beserker
Titans Grip

I also decided there was no other better profession to go with than mining and blacksmith. To me this really suits the lore feel to the class and race which I think is the perfection combination! Obviously I will work on my secondary professions once I start the leveling but to tell you all the trust, for the first time in a long time I am really enjoying my leveling! 

So going back to the adventure at hand, I completed the quest line in Dun Morogh that lead me through valleys, mines, runways within the mountains and scaring away some troll hunters from my rams It was finally time to look for the quest to take me to my next location, Loch Modan! 

Be ready for some amazing screenshots and hopefully a little bit more lore (short for time this week)! I hope you guys enjoyed this little introduction post and be sure to keep up with me on my Twitter and Armory below on my next post! I am new to the warrior class so any help or advise along the way would be much appreciated! My goal is to reach level 100, find some amazing Xmogs and really enjoying that leveling experiences. See you next time folks! - Vay. 

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Vay - Ravencrest - EU

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