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Spirit Of Ytar, Way Of The monk. (Diablo monk info)

"The last weeks of autumn had settled upon Ivgorod, and the first breath of winter had crept into the air. As night fell and the sun dipped below the horizon, I was all too grateful to take refuge in a tavern. As I entered, I noted a certain tension in the room. Despite the hour, it was not busy, with only scattered, small groups huddled at the tables around the edges of the room. The benches at the center of the room were empty except for one man.  The man seemed ignorant of the cold. He was dressed like a beggar, wearing little more than an orange sheet wound around his body, leaving half of his chest exposed. A garland of large wooden beads hung around his thick neck. His head was completely shaved, with the exception of a wild bushy beard. Then, recognition struck me: upon his forehead he had a tattoo of two red dots, one larger than the other. As any informed student of the peoples and cultures of this world must also realize, this man was one of the Monks of Ivgorod, the secretive and reclusive holy warriors of the country. " - Entry of Abd al-Hazir.

Philosophy & Religon

Strong, well trained and extremely close to their religions, the monks of Ivgorod spend their whole life training to be the most purest of fighters. They follow a number of gods, 1001 to be exact. Their heritage and strong link to religion can be seen on their tattoos inscribed to their backs and torso. These intricate designs can take their whole life to complete, with each noble feat, a new section will be added. For years they have trained and kept their gods to their hearts, these powerful monks when not in combat will continue to train and master the way of the fist. After years of cleansing themselves from the troubles all men face during their life time they can finally find their balance and force calm and clarity into a force that is unstoppable. Monks are one of the most dangerous of warriors, with 1001 gods behind their every punch and kick, I would not want to tread on their toes.

Fighting Style

The monk is the messenger of faith and divine power and can manipulate these by sheer will. Healing and Mantras are used as a last resort to aid their cause, enabling them to retain health, increase dodge chance and even retaliation to enemies. Able to strike with rapid punches and master weapons such as the Diabo and Katar, monks can strike from anywhere at any time. What really makes them stand out from the crowd is their ability to call forth elements. Lighting strikes, vortexes and fire all aid the monk and bend to their will when called upon.

The image above is of my current Monk build, this clearly represents the fighting style that is surrounding the monk. Punches and kicks being the main focus yet the ability to balance out offence with defense with increases damage and resistance.

This is the monks resource and in my opinion, one of the better ones in the game. Monks can generate spirit with their primary skill and spend it on secondary skills that which hit for a ton. Much like how the Barbarian works but spirit does not diminish over time. This gives the monk a fluid game play style an rarely do you ever have a chance to pool or sit on some spirit to unleash damage, you always hit hard and true.

Is this the class for me? 
If you like the fast momentum this class can provide as well as a unique style angle in which they approach a fight with the elements behind them, then yes, yes you will! But I do encourage you to try one and I'm sure you will have a blast!

What other weapons can they also use?
Swords, axes, maces, spears, pole arms, daggers and even shields, you name it! depending on your style you can duel-wield of use a two handed weapon to reap their benefits. Duel wield can provide extra dodge while a two handed item can provide you with a increase to spirit generation through a passive so their is not much difference between the two, just roll with what you enjoy using.

Monk utility 
One of the monks strong points is how well they synergies with other classes and how strong they are in a group. Right now I'm working beside a barbarian friend of mine Crixus and my skills work perfectly with his. With the sheer amount of stuns, movement increases and damage increases around my radius as well as bubbles thanks to mantra of healing, I have one of the strongest tool kits to also provide great damage making us worthy additions to rift farms and a must have in any team!

So there you have it folks, a little run down of the class, I will cover a ton more shortly, but until then, happy hunting! May the Spirit of Ytar Guide you! - Vaylen.

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