Thursday 19 March 2015

Let's play/blog World of Warcraft! | Way of the Warrior | 10 - 20 | #2

Greetings fellow adventures, explorers and warriors of the world! Its time for my second post on my lets blog series! Follow me as I venture through vast wilderness, spooky dungeons and slay some horde as Vay, the dwarf warrior who enjoys a beverage now and then would be a slight understatement. Last week we started our adventure in Dun Morogh and in this episode we quest through Loch Modan on our journey to level 20. So sit back, relax and enjoy..
Lets blog Warcraft! 

Hey good lookin' want to have a go on my cannon? *strokes beard*
So our adventure continues from the snowy yet beautiful region of Dun Morogh, our home land to another equally stunning location filled with our brothers and sisters of the hammer (and cannons) Loch Modan. This location can be reached via the most eastern tunnel under the mountains and through the valley of kings. Its beautiful rolling hills, tranquil forests are home to some of the more sinister creaters such as wolves, bears, spiders and many other races causing trouble. It is also home to the abandoned Archaeological dig site to the east and a lake right in the middle from which it got its name. Kobolds, ogres and gnolls all have their foothold here but the small town of Thelsamar is home to the dwarfs keeping this place in check.  

I started the quest from Ironforge that took me here (also to complete a blacksmith quest) from which I got acquainted with the folks of Thelsamar whom sent me on a ton of missions in to  some treacherous caves, bottomless of lakes, and in to the cursed woods over looked by the ogres. 

(Right) The Bear Grylls of Loch Modan

Reaching level 20 here was rather simple. A ton of quests will lead you all over the region. What I also noticed was the vast amount of copper/tin ore nestled in the caves and mountains so I took full advantage of that and after the quest line, I was level 19 and decided to grind out the rest of my level. 

Hacking and slashing my way through the zone, the warriors early downtime was none existent which was fantastic. Some of the new abilities I gained were putting out some enormous numbers. I love the feel of the class, it feels some what like organised chaos. You hit sparkly things, things hit hard, things die, things give coin. Success! Time for a beer! 

At level 15 I unlocked the talents! They seem absolutely awesome in my opinion and the first row were focused on our mobility which is charge. Below is a photo and descriptions of the talent choices. 

As you can see I went for the rather tasty looking Juggernaut Its cooldown reduction is perfect for questing and I could really feel the difference in getting to the mobs quicker. The other two are great, one I could imagine being great for PvP. 

New spells are next on the list to share with you guys, so below is a list of the spells I gained from 10 - 20

Piercing Howl 

Getting to level 20 has been an absolute blast and I can not wait to step foot in to a new location. I also aim to complete some dungeons and give you guys a little back story in to those zones. I am still rather enjoying my play time now on this toon and I really look forward to writing the next post! Anyway, after choosing my talent, getting my new skills, I then took a trip back to the city to level up my mining and smithing which are now at 110. Still have a way to go but nonetheless it shall we done! 

So that's all ladies and gentleman! Thanks again for following me on my adventures! Be sure to check out my twitter and armory as linked below to keep up to date with what I'm up too. Also I would like to thanks those for their kind words on the forums who seem to be enjoying this lets blog/play series! Thank you Kept & Favy. Until next time folks, take care. - Vay.

Note: If you wish to add me on battlenet go ahead! Vaylen#2903

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