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My monk finally sees progress! Monkpowwaahh!

Good morning/afternoon or evening everyone! FINALLY! A guild has accepted a Windwalker in to their 10 man team! HUZZAAHH! Thanks <Party Grenades>! Now I can see my monks poowwaa in the recent content and now have to faceroll Flex! Unfortunately the guild run for me did not go as planned, of course I passed my spot for a rogue which of course is going to happen as a monk, We don't offer the utility and burst on demand like they can dish out so, I was expecting to be sidelined. However, I was lucky enough to join a guild run with <Reborn Glory> last night and get 9 bosses down in three hours. Their a really nice bunch of people and I really did enjoy the raiding atmosphere. I was extremely lucky (or the RNG gods were afk) enough to also get some upgrades. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to post some tips and tricks for each boss and my view on them. I wont go into detail on the kill strategy, just a glance at what you as a monk can take note on.  So Grab your finest brew and lets get jabbing with some monk stuff. 

Immerseus - The first boss in SoO and also the introduction encounter too the Vale Of Eternal Sorrows. This is a great boss for a number of reasons. It's using new mechanics in terms of not just kill this amount of health for some loot. His *Health* Is his corruption bar. Once that reaches zero its game over for this watery thing so you will find yourself punching and kicking your way through his actual health rather quickly. A few tricks I found out during this fight was Disable works great on the adds that spawn, Although they wont last long, it helps that little bit more. Talking of adds, your healing spheres heal the other *friendly*adds so use them to help the healers. Transcendence and defuse magic for the waves/pools work great together. The one thing I disliked about this boss for monks in particular was there is not that much time towards the end of the encounter to build TEB stacks up. Were the health drops so fast and you're constantly switching to the adds you do find yourself having some downtime. A good fight overall, A little easy which is expected for the first encounter, I still think its one of my least favorites so far.

The Fallen Protectors - Another council fight! These fights with multiple targets are made for Windwalker monks. Our cleave is more potent than ever before with Storm, Earth and Fire, as well as the new Rushing jade Wind the numbers you can push out are huge, Not to mention your cloak procs. The protectors are made up of three pandaren, one of which is a brewmaster! As you would expect the only way to defeat these is to kill them all at once so there is a lot of add switching here so refreshing or replacing your SEF clone is important. Save your RJW for the stacked up phases and TEB stacks accordingly. I found Defuse magic to help with the soaking and unexpected damage as well as using tigers lust for the movement increase to get from one add to another. I loved this fight, It really does play well for us windwalkers and a really well and thought out encounter, GG blizz!

Norushen - This boss is certainly fun for every one, you have portals to jump in to, adds to kill and for monks thats really all we do. Drop a SEF on to the boss and then start killing adds, what makes monks so good on this fight is there mobility to move from the beam that moves around the room and the add positions, they can spawn anywhere so any of the first tier of talents will help you here as well as flying serpent kick. A pretty standard fight all in all.

Sha Of Pride - Ahh the final pride of encounter this tier. This is no doubt the most detailed Pride kill blizzard released. With Prison like mechanics a player is forced to be locked up so to speak and two players need to move to the activation pads in order to free the player, again any class with good mobility is strong here as the faster they're out of the cell, the faster than can get back on to damaging or healing and of course, monks shine real bright here. Also Adds will spawn all together periodically on top of your party which should be stacked, soon as these spawn Hell breaks loose. Spinning crane kick or Rushing jade wind here is purely epic. You can dish out so much damage and still focus on that boss and your dps will rise drastically  A great fight and a good encounter to end this wing.

Galakras - I really do love this fight for us windwalkers, its an all out aoe, single target mess of damage! The main thing here is to make sure those banners and healing tides are killed asap, just a auto attack should be enough, don't waste your chi on them. Rushing jade wind and Spinning crane kick work great here, I just prefer using the Xuen talent so I can use both SCK and Xuen for the boss. I have not had the chance to be on tower duty so I just stun and silence the shamans with as many disarms as possible. I also keep my transcendence down by the npc for a quick teleport to stop the fractures. An awesome, messy fight and really plays well for the windwalker. A strong start to the Gates of Retribution.

Iron Juggernaut - This fight is extremely simple for us Melee dps. We avoid all ground effects such as bombs and earthquakes, if the fire beam is chasing you avoid the tar, super easy with the amount of mobility we have, Speaking of which, we can use Transcendence really well here for the shocking pulse ability if you're not in a decent position to avoid as much knockback as possible. I tend to use Touch of Karma for the aoe damage and pop as much brew as I can consume.

Dark Shamans - THIS FIGHT IS AMAZING! Oh good lord this is an epic encounter for most classes... apart from tanks... its hell. Anyway, With the fact of having more than one add up during the whole fight, use SEF to boost your dps. Your clone should be on the Female Orc shaman and yourself proceeding to beat on the male orc, In doing so you should not need to re apply the clone. Our cleave damage is insane right now, coupled with an early cloak proc, xuen and TEB at the start, the numbers will be all light green over the dps meters. This encounter is worked around movement, so keeping up with the tank and the add your currently attacking, we can make use of our talents. I went for Tigers lust as I do with most fights, its an additional on use sprint that still can be used on top of my two available rolls, then we have Flying Serpent kick to add as our cherry on the top. An awesome awesome fight and I recommend using your clone macro well here!

General Nazgrim -  The final boss in the Gates of Retribution, More like General easy. I'm not going to lie, when I killed this boss first try, I was a bit confused and left thinking.. Was that really it. Here is an extremely simple break down of the fight. He starts in Battle stance, so dps him normally, don't use your cds here. When adds spawn, kill them. When he drops in to Berserker stance, go crazy, use up our saved TEB stacks, your level 90 talent and what ever other CD you have, kill adds when they spawn. DO NOT dps him when he drops in to Defensive stance, Just focus on the adds, they die around 5-9 seconds and can be stunable so legsweep or charging ox wave is great, coupled with your Fist of fury. Once his is back in to a stance you can dps, proceed to kill him. Simple fight, yet more enjoyable the some of the other encounters. Maybe because we get to finally see Gammon go ham (if you pardon the pun)

Malkorok - The first boss within the Underhold. I for one love this fight, its still rather simple, Make sure your group has a set rotation for the soaking puddles and all should end well. Stack when needed, use your fortifying brew appropriately and really just maintain your dps. There is alot of movement, and you will notice some downtime on the boss when you have to soak a puddle which takes about 5 seconds (One roll can get you to one effectively), in doing so make sure you don't pop a 10 stack teb just before you have to soak. We need as much dps on him as possible! I really did enjoy this fight, its complex but also nothing we haven't seen before. This is a very solid single target fight so I used Xuen here.

And that concludes the 9 bosses I have killed so far on my monk! A little insight to my views on them and hopefully some basic tips and tricks on each fight. Some of which are so simple too follow im sure you guys can come up with some great ones! Keep in touch with me, to do so click on the "Contact" tab up top and I shall hopefully talk to you guys soon. - Vaylen/Vay.

Disclaimer: All images were found on google and all copyright laws go to blizzard.

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