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Restoration Shaman | Playthrough | 60 - 70

Bonjour! Greetings readers and fellow healers alike! It's that time again to update you on my progress on my little shaman, Vay. I have had a really busy week as usual so I have not had much time to plan this little play through as I have been on my monk a little bit more as well as playing some Hearthstone and some Guild wars. Really do enjoy a number of games right now but i could not wait to stick my teeth in to another shaman post so here goes. 

So we are finally out of the Vanilla section of wow and now diving in to the zone which we held close to our hearts as the best expansion to date and also the first! Outland. I have always loved Outland for a number of reasons. The zones were so diverse and different from the things we experienced on both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, the questing and factions were so diverse to what we was accustomed too which made it so refreshing. To me this was my favorite expansion, Most of my raiding experience started here and I still to this day enjoy the sheer amount of dungeons this expansion had to offer, so lets dive in and get to know the places I visited. Note: There are many other dungeons in this bracket but I will mention the few I did get to heal while leveling through. 

Hellfire Citadel - This we were we begin our outlandish adventures. This Citadel is home to three dungeons however the following two are the ones I was leveling through. Hellfire Ramparts which is the first dungeon of the zone, this is believed to be the military barracks of the Keep, the front line defense so to speak. Here you will face against fel orcs, wolves, demons and of course more fel orcs, which will all know are bad news! The second dungeon is called the Blood Furnace here Illidans minions have captured Magtheridon and are using there cunning sorcery to drain his blood to build a larger army. This again, is not the best of news you want to here when just visiting this place, however, with more of a demonic feel to this instance you have to get through a maze of orcs, a number of gauntlets to finally get to the bottom of this problem. I love this zone, it was the first real challenge for me in terms of dungeons back in TBC days and was looking forward to finally healing them on my shaman. Lots of aoe packs through the zones made my healing alot better.  

Coilfang Reservoir -  So we have gone from boiling heat, demonic gateways and unforgiving hallways to the underwater habitat of the Coilfang. Again this is home to a number of instances, one of which becomes available at 70 but I only managed to level through two of the instances here. This is a large artificial lake embedded under the tainted waters within Zangermarsh. Under the murky waters holds home to a group of Naga over seeing a subterranean Pumping station. Each dungeon consisting of huge caverns interlinked by pipework powered by huge crystal Capacitor. The Slave Pens is the first dungeon within this zone that holds a number of passage ways that lead you past some lost Naaru. The second dungeon is the Underbog, this place seems to hold the last remaining inhabitants of this zone that have not been totally overran by the Naga. I have always loved these instances and I still enjoy them to this day, I testament to blizzards work!

Auchindoun - The home to the not so holy, This was originally a sanctuary for the fallen heroes within the Draenei community. Now home to a number of factions this zone is housing four instances, three of which I had to heal though. The first instance you enter will be the Mana Tombs, The ethereals are seeking to gain more power to use against creatures within the twisting nether, however this is now over run by currupt beings and a leading figure, Prince Shaffar (sounds like something out of a Jeff Dunham show). The second instance Auchenai Crypts. These are the demonic minions giving this whole play a bad name. Workers, of the burning legion resurrecting the fallen to fight for them, and nothing in their mind will stop them in doing so. Here you will find a number of undead creatures being used as tools to fend off others during their rebirth.
The final instance I dipped my paws in too was Sethekk Halls. Another tomb like structure homing the bird like humans, Arakkoa. Here they are practicing their dark magics, perfecting there evil spells to gain a larger understanding of the world as they believe to be the true colony of the Arakkoa.

Caverns of time/Escape from Durnhold Keep - Ahhh The caverns of time, I have recently gained a new respect for this zone after reading the hour of twilight book this week and this zone is incredible. Guarded by the faithful and powerful Bronze dragon flight, the keepers of time. There are a number of instances and raids within this zone that sends the players back in time to previous historic events that have shaped the world we adventure through today. The Escape from Durnhold is no exception. It goes back a number of years to when Taretha Foxton is creating a diversion to help Thrall escape from the evil grips of Aedelas Blackmoore. Thrall, Also the name for Slave uses your help to create such a diversion that then leads to his escape and eventually the retaking of the keep and the death of many humans and Blackmoore and going on to become the warchief of the horde. WE LOVE YOU THRALL!

Now on to the shaman bits!

Some more goodies to play with! Shamans just get better and better.

Healing Tide Totem - Finally! I have looked up so much on this beauty and I was so pleased once I got this little gem. This is an incredible totem and should not be used so like mindlessly as too Healing Stream Totem. Once this is placed it will heal 5 players every 2 seconds for 11 seconds, The amount it heals is insane and I can not wait to try this out in the big raids! I use this when I know I wont be able to heal the group in time and when I know of huge incoming damage.

Bloodlust - Our most sort after spell as a shaman. Why blizzard gave mages and hunter pets this ability I will never know.. Anyway this spell will grant all party and raid members a 30 % melee, ranged and spell haste for 40 seconds. It does have a 5 minute cooldown and you may think that's a tad crazy for such a powerful cooldown but it also will give the player it affected a sated debuff so that player can not gain that type of buff such as time warp for another 10 minutes. Use this on bosses, in raiding this will tend to be used at the start of the encounter or at the last 25 - 30% depending on the boss mechanics.

Spirit Link Totem - Another one of the Restoration shamans signature tools to the kit! This is an absolute beast of a cooldown and one of my favorites by far. This totem once used will reduce the damage taken by all party and raid members within 10 yards by 10%. Also every one second the health of all affected players is redistributed such that each player ends up with the same percentage of their maximum health, Lasts 6 seconds. When used properly, a stacked up raid/party taking an incredible amount of damage, this beauty will not only reduce damage taken be even out everyone's health without causing any over healing making it one of the most powerful cooldowns and works great with healing rain and other totems.

So that's it for my dungeon/shaman spells update! I do however have a little bit more information to share with you all. I have had such a great time working on my playthrough and my shaman and have been lucky enough to come across some great players one of which deserves a special mention. Katherynne has I presume been looking at my posts now and then and actually commented on a forum post I made a while ago, offering help etc with shamans and end game healing. Recently I have received some awesome tips and tricks on what spells to use, what stats to aim for, what glyphs will be good for raiding etc and alot of things have already improved me as a healer, as a shaman. I just want to say a quick thank you for the information shared with me, I truly appreciate it. - Vay.

If you have stuck around this long then enjoy the clip below. It's me healing through Blood furnace with some ridiculous Chain CC going on from enemies. GIVE ME BUBBLE BITCH! 

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