Thursday, 17 April 2014

Playthrough #2 | 10 - 20 | Path Of The Shadows

Hello to all you smugglers, gunslingers and swashbucklers, It's already that time to share with you the experiences along the next 10 levels on the Rogue. I have had a great response from a number of people on my first playthrough and I'm generally excited to write up this series! The rogue is proving to be fun already with the huge critical hits and to be honest, I have had a blast as combat. The cleave is great fun and I cant wait to understand the class a little better! So grab your finest Rum, Poison your blades, It's Rogue time! 

Spot me if you can, Ambush time!
So our adventure continues as we stalk our foes and hide in the shadows, the way of the rouge is an exciting one, new abilities become accessible early on and really show their flare when Blade flurry starts causing havoc. Through the recent ten levels, we started off completing some quests in West fall until we was able to jump in to The deadmines. One of the first instances you are able to explore and find out the mischievous work going on around that area. 

Deadmines - These twisted and dark mines dwell below Westfall and a small section of Stranglethorn. Located Under Moonbrooke, a small village now populated mostly by Defias brotherhood. It's entrance can be located by the trail of miners walking out the main mine shaft. You then have to navigate your way around the mines to be able to find the entrance. The Mines was once the main source of gold for the human lands, and controlled by the rather ambitious Edwin VanCleef, he became twisted with greed and started to create a ship bellow the depths of Westfall to show Stormwind leaders how strong he really was. He was killed before he could see his dream through to the end. His Daughter Vanessa watched on as her father was slaughtered and has now taken over the operations in the deadmines and is focused on bringing nothing but justice and retribution upon Stormwind... Look out!

After our venture through the mines I was able to start the quests within Duskwood, One of my favorite locations when I used to play as alliance and it really has not changed to much and I love that! Before I arrived at the main town, I spent some time getting up my professions so I was hunting wolfs around the area and level up the leather working on the downtime. The music and ambiance of this place is incredible and I cant wait to explore a little more. 

I also took the time to level up the first aid from all the wool I accumulated from the adventure through dead mines, I honestly don't remember ever maxing it so I thought I may as well start, may as well stock up for WoD! I also thought with the spooky feel of this place it was the best place to level, it just suited the path I wanted to take.

Darkshire has a large quest chain that will make you venture around the whole zone, with a small cluster of quests to the west as well, the quests will take you through lost catacombs and fields now plagued by beasts and things that aren't exactly living and happy to see you... If they get a chance of course :P I recommend having a little look around, the detail of this place is great. 

So tonight I will start the quest line here and hopefully find some World PvP while Im around the area. There seems to be a ton of horde looking for a fight, so this will be a good time to test out combat even more so! I have also gained a number of useful skills since level 10 and below is the complete list of the new abilities and of course, My talent choice. 


Sap - Our first incapacitate and its a beauty! You can only use this if your in stealth and gives you the control rogues seem to love. You get to sap the opponent so you can position yourself and begin the onslaught. 

Slice and Dice - Another Combo spender and increase our melee haste by 40% and depending on how many combo points you have when you use it, it will increase its duration. This gives us more damage at a quicker rate and being combat with slow weapons this helps a ton! 

Pick Pocket - Steal more money from humanoids but you have to be in stealth to use it.. EPIC! 

Recuperate - This heals 4% of our maximum health and the duration is increased per combo point, great for questing and such. A great way to keep the downtime between killing mobs minimal. I love it. 

Kick - Our main interrupt on casters, I love it. The animation rocks and really gives us more control over our combat situations and negates some incoming damage.

Crippling poison - Finally our first *non lethal* poison we can use along with our *lethal poison* such as Deadly. This sexy thing applies a movement reduction debuff to our targets, helps with slowing escaping foes that are not quite ready to face our blades. Run if you can!

Revealing strike - From what I hear this is one of Combats most important strikes and is so awesome. First off it exposes a targets armor and makes our finishing moves 35% more effective, this is huge! It also gives our sinister strike a 20% chance to add another combo point, great for building those points and able to spend them sooner on big finishers! So... good.

Nightstalker (Passive/talent) - Increases your movement speed while in stealth by 20%.. Epic for catching those dam horde.. and increase our damaging abilities while stealthed by 50%.. Hello ambush!

That's it for this episode folks, next week we shall be going over the new skills I have acquired from the next ten levels and what adventures we embarked upon. The rogue still surprises me and looking through the recent alpha notes our cleave will be even more awesome! I can't wait to write up the next episode so I best get leveling! Until next time guys and girls, take care.. and remain in the shadows. - Vaylen/Vaysie.

Note: If you're looking to join a social guild with some rather large prospects, please check out my guild and all the information you need here.
Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Are you looking for a new home? [EU]

Hello ladies and gents, I just wanted to share with you all a Project I have just started working on over on Ravencrest/Alliance under the name <Forged Legacy>.


For far to long now, the shadow of silent guilds has spread far and wide across all the realms of Azeroth. With the introduction to perks and auto invite macros, we feel that guilds have some what lost their magic and real feeling of pride of being under the guilds name and really as the game has progressed that feeling of being apart of a great guild has all but fizzled out. Now I know not everyone has gone through this experience, of course raiding with people you know and what not is what really makes the game, But what I miss is the real social side of it, A true community.

Over on the US there is a well known Mega guild called the <Convert to Raid> and over time, smaller guilds under the same name have arisen, both PvE and PvP guilds all fall under the same banner. They also run their own podcast and every week get a special guest on from the top raiding guilds throughout the world, It's truly incredible and I just want the EU to have some sort of close community like that.. They also have gained recognition from Blizzard themselves and have urged people to be apart of such an amazing community. Now I don't intend to gain as many people as I can to be apart of this, But at least give people the opportunity to be proud to be apart of something new and exciting. CTR have come a long way, with a ton of hard work and effort, it really has payed off, its a great amount inspiration from them that has really made me want to drive that passion to us.

This is a new guild I want to form with you, The community, with like-minded players who maybe want to take a sit back from the hustle and bustle of end game, maybe even take a step out form their comfort zone and meet new people and be apart of something great. I want to create a home for everyone to enjoy. With such a large amount of time up until the new expansion, I want to use it wisely and build something promising. Nothing is worse than logging on to a dead guild and then moments later, log off without having nothing accomplished. I want to create a place with you that people will enjoy logging on, enjoy just talking in guild chat and creating your own in guild events... so maybe your thinking, well what goals do I have for the guild, Allow me to list them. 

My Short Term Goals

- The guild is Brand new, So building the foundations is key. I have already added 5 bank tabs named:Materials, Equipment, Consumables, Enchantments & professions. (more coming soon) May not seem relevant now, but it will shortly. 
- Reach level 25. With a handful of players (friends and family) it will take some time to recruit. We're not using any kind of macro spamming, we're doing it the good old fashioned way. Speaking to players and really finding the right players for the guild.. as I said, it may seem crazy creating a guild from scratch with such a strong passion for a social feel, but who knows, there may be people out there who want to find something like this.
- Enable the chance for you to meet new players. A way of doing this would be through our facebook page (Under construction) and/or our Twitter.
- Get the word out, that their is a guild out there, looking just to create the real and true guild feeling. I have played the game long enough to know when I am in a great guild and a steady guild, but we want both.
- Events such as arena games over in open arena zones, winners take gold from the gb.(more info to come)

Long Term Goals

- I want to create a Podcast team around WoD release, covering information on the expansion, lore, class shows and speaking to other guild members who wish to take part.
- A real Website with forums, polls and more.
- For players to really enjoy wow for what it is, The game is supposed to be enjoyed with friends and like minded people, not gold farmers and so on.
- Guild contracts: This works so the guild members should not have to use AH so much. Items in the GB will be sold for half the AH price. That money will go towards guild events and re supplying players. I also want to introduce the actual contracts. These are weekly tasks players can complete to farm items like meat, skins, herbs and so on and be rewarded from the guild bank with more gold. I have used it before and it worked amazingly well. 
- For players to be proud of what We as a community have created.
- WoD raiding. We will be raiding in WoD no question. Thanks to the changes the normals will have the same system as our current flex does. Making it easier to build a team and even if you can only pop on for an hour, still be apart of the event and maybe get some loot along the way. We want raiding to be a choice for everyone, not a necessity. 
- More to come.

Does this sound like something you may be interested in? 

Please feel free to leave any questions or information you would like to see in the comments below. As I have said, this may not be the case for everyone or most players, but I just wanted to share this with you guys, who knows, maybe this is the sort of guild you have been searching for.. We just need to get it up off the ground and who knows what we can achieve. If you feel like this idea is silly and you feel the need to speak about it, please do, but just know, I may not reply because I'm 100% focused on the players who do like the idea of this project and who would want to be involved with it. - Vaylen. 

You can also find me:
twitter: @VaylenEU
Battlenet: Vaylen#2903
Sunday, 13 April 2014

Playthrough #1 | 1 - 10 | Way Of The Rogue

Hello there bloggers, raiders, rogue lovers alike! It's that time again to bring you a look into my adventures as a rogue, master of the shadows and one hell of a foe to come across, if of course they have not got to you first! In this Playthrough series I will cover all the things I have learnt, the perks of being a rogue and all the mischievous *tasks* we get up too. This is a diary entry if you like and a way for me to look back on what I have learnt along the road, I have done one before on my shaman and it was awesome. So if you're new to a rogue or maybe wanting to try one as well, hopefully this is a good read for you and maybe something for all you veterans out there.. So if you're a master of poison, as subtle as a passing shadow or as crazy as a swashbuckler, grab your finest rum! Its adventure time! 

So the adventure begins! I took some time into looking at other rogues and what I thought would be a cool race to play as a rogue. I wanted to be alliance so it's on the same server as my Monk.. you know.. stealing bags for my own uses and all! Human was the only choice for me, the weapons look great on females and their attacking animations are smooth and hold on to that Rogue feel. Her armory can be found here. As you can also see, I'm not holding a set of daggers... Why? I want to play through as combat so slow, hard hitting weapons are the best choice here. 

Why Combat? 
Well, thankfully with duel spec we can jump in and out of any play style we want with just a weapon adjustment through out our leveling process, but that aside, I just want to try something different, I like change. As popular as the other specs are, I like the idea of being a swashbuckler, standing toe-to-toe with our enemies, just something about appeals to me. I will have a secondary spec, but I will see what they offer when I get there! Also, any spec is viable for leveling, lets switch it up! 

So it begins...
After the very first quest chain in Northshire we head out towards Goldshire and deal with the problems going on within Elwynn forest. Missing soldiers, Fargodeep & Jasperlode mine all playing their roles, we meet a few important characters around the surrounding areas. I also took a trip in to the Human main city, Stormwind. Here you have a number of quests taking you to a handful of shops and inns delivering supplies and such. Pig & Whistle Tavern was my next stop, lets make this our new home! A quiet inn, for now..

After a little walk around the city and sorting out my bags getting ready for the adventures ahead, I took the opportunity to pick up my professions. I decided I wanted a challenge and something I have never tried before, thanks to the removal of Profession perks in WoD this decision was easy! Leather working time! I also took skinning to help get those pesky materials & skins. Something just seems awesome about a rogue crafting cool transmog gear and other things along the way.  

Upon reaching level ten, It was time to go combat! No holding back now! Below is some of the useful abilities I acquired and what I had learnt once I picked my main spec. 

Sinister strike - Our main combo builder, a hard hitting ability that costs 50 energy. A cool spell, I love the animation!

Eviscerate - Our first combo spender, it hits harder the more combo points you have saved up, ideally we use it at 5 points but leveling sometimes its impossible to reach it, so use it when ever possible! 

Stealth - Our signature ability, with this spell we can lurk in the shadows, silently stalking our next victim. We also gain new openers such as Ambush that can only be used in stealth.

Ambush - Warning! This ability hits hard and is sure to make the most sturdy of players drop their pants in a flash! It does exactly what it says on the tin, 527% damage in one hit and awards 2 combo points.. juicy.

Evasion - The rogues first Oh crap button. Once this is active our dodge chance is increased by a huge amount making us almost untouchable by physical hits. Tasty.

Poisons - Deadly poison is the first one we have hot to coat our weapons with, this places a dot on the target that as you have guessed it, infects our targets with poison damage. One of many, I cant wait to see what else we get!

Blade Flurry - One of the combat rogues signature abilities, with this it enables us to cleave targets when using our spells, With slower off hands the damage is also more noticeable. This also means multi Eviscerates on mobs! Ohh yeah! 

Ambidexterity (Passive) - Our off hands deal 75% more damage.. enough said.

Vitality (Passive) - Increase energy regeneration by 20% and Attack power by 40% making us that more faster, it really helps with slower weapons as they have a higher damage, compared to heirloom Daggers anyway. 

So there you have it folks, first little post complete! I will do these every 10 levels giving me enough information to write about! I can't wait to explore the world of Azeroth as a rogue, its diverse game-play surely does make it interesting and of course, something else for me to learn! It's going to be a big change from Monk that's for sure! 

Tinker, he gives me free beer.
Just want to say a huge thank you to Fatjimmy & Zakez for all the recent information on Rogues and have already taught me a ton! Thanks alot guys! - Vaylen.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A new adventure in the mists

Greetings fellow monks, bloggers and adventurers alike! I'm back in Azeroth and looking for your help as to what class/roll to play for a new lets play series. The monk will be taking a back seat until Warlords as I have pretty much done everything on him before my recent absence but I'm back to start anew!

So I'm looking to play a new class up until WOD and complete the leveling process with as much footage as I can and hopefully meet a bunch of new people along the way! So I need your help to choose which class/roll you would like to see me play. The polls are on the right hand side of the blog and all you have to do is choose what you would like to see me play. The polls will close this time tomorrow unless I get a good number shortly I will begin! 

So if you're interested in tanking and want to see someone new handle it and try not too buckle under the pressures of tanking, vote! If you want to see me play a class I have not tried yet, vote! Mage, Druid, Warrior and priest are the ones I have not tried ever but let me know in the poll! Or maybe keeping allies alive with your favorite healer.. The decision is yours! Expect to see a written play through guide as well as My lets play video every week.

- Vaylen.