Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Army life: Phase 1 complete!

Hello guys and girls! I'm back! (for a couple of days) and my god what an emotion three months it's been. In this rather different post I will cover some of the things I have done over the past three months, my highs and lows and more importantly, what I found out about myself. 

I generally can not believe how fast that time has gone and exactly how much I have learnt over the space of time. From my usual civilian life of playing games when I could and going to the gym, to spending 5 days out in the field, becoming a rather good shot with the SA80 and learning all different combat/survival techniques which I'm sure will help me in the future, the difference in lifestyle is huge and if I could put one word on the whole experience, It would have to be epic.

In any job there is always highs and lows, the lows here came in bucket loads. But the people I was training with also had the same lows and they were always there to help you along. Anyone can do this line of work, its just how you over come fear and doubt that sets you apart from the weak, and believe me, they went within a few days/weeks. 

The first couple of weeks went very slow. It's during this time when most of the administration will get done. Then you're introduced to more vigorous parts of the course like tabbing, daily PT lessons, SAA (Skill at Arms) Foot drill and so much more. It's actually surprising how much information you actually retain despite being thrashed. But that's their way of making you learn fast and effectively.  

After our long weekend at week 6, that's when the training program become much better. For one, you dont need an NCO to march you around camp so you had more freedom to do what you wanted in our own time. Our working days become more normal and by normal I mean 6 am till 5 pm, not 4 am till 11 pm. Those are expected in the first few weeks.

We then went to Belgium after our half way exercise which was incredible. You get to go to the town of Ypes and visit the mennin gate and take part in the daily last post ceremony. To me this was one of my highlights. It was a great sense of accomplishment to had got this far and feel proud of what we had done.

We then moved on up to South wales to take part in solider development week. I completed a number of activities like mountain walking up the PenyFan, canoeing, rock climbing and a NAV ex which is a map reading exercise. 

After our trips we came back to range week were we put in to practice all we have learnt from our SAA lessons and pass the shooting test. I manged to get the highest score which was 38/40 and was the only one in our troop of 23 to get the Marksmen badge.

CO cup was next and was by far the most physically challenging part of the entire course. It consisted of the following activities in order:

1 night in the field (Non tac)
300m ammo run
Bayonet lane
Assault course
BCD stand
Observation stand
1 mile stretcher run

Final fling was our last big push (not to mention all our pt lessons and PFA we had to pass) this was were we put everything in to practice from night patrols, observing the enemy and section attacks to digging in, staging, staying tactical and planning attacks/missions. It was a great experience and I finally felt like I was comfortable in the field. 

During my time in Phase 1 I had a ton of lessons, so making sure you had a fresh note pad and pen was essential. I think I filled up 4 books of notes which I still keep! I always preferred the theory side of things so I actually took as much information as I could in every lesson to help understand the subject and feel confident in what I was taking in as I knew it would safe my life one day.

So week 13 arrived. 1 week to go and all we did was drill drill drill and more drill ready for our PoP (Pass out Parade) which when it finally came, was one of the most amazing experiences I have had and will never ever forget it.

I feel like my time in phase 1 was well used. You get out what you put in and I know for a fact that I put 110% in to everything and the results showed. I was able to finish phase 1 training with the following:

Marksmen - score anything over 36/40 rounds on target at 100m and 200m using the iron sight. 
Co CUP winner - One day of hard physical work as a section.
Best Shot - is warded to the person who had the best shot over the course.

And the one I'm still shocked I received was the..

Hollister Trophy - This is awarded to the person who excelled in the theory side of the course. Improved on their basic maths and English skills during the time here and presented a confident presentation in Belgium and in the class room. 

I have had an amazing time in phase 1 and met some incredible people and done some great things during my time there. I will never forget that place and one day look to return there to train new recruits myself. I would like to thank everyone who supported me during my journey and I look forward to the next stage of my training! See you soon boyz. 

- Vaylen.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Basic Mistweaver Healing Guide | Highmaul | The Arcane Sanctum

Hello again everyone! As promised I have written up a very basic healing guide for the next three bosses within the second wing of Highmaul. I want to keep these short and sweet. Less dribble and just the facts you need as a Mistweaver. Thank you for the kind words from my last post! Lets get the ball rolling for another super basic guide! 

Note: These guides do not teach you how to play your class or tell you exactly what spells to use. Just a few tips here and there for good measure. 

Tectus - 
  • If targeted by Crystalline barrage run away from the raid (to the right)
  • If you have any Earthen Pillars spawning on you, Move. (to the left)
  • Tanks take heavy consistent damage throughout. Use spells like soothing mixed with surging. 
  • Raid will take large damage on every Tectonic Upheaval. Use a mixture of uplifts and chi brews to help balance it out. 
  • Use revival on second Upheaval so it could be up for the last one.
  • Spells like chi torpedo coupled with celerity for the extra roll help great for the movement of this fight. 
  • I take chi burst here as I like its raid healing for Upheaval/melee group dealing with red stuff.
  • Statue on melee.

Twin Ogron - 
  • First off, fire is bad, move from it. Zen med and defuse magic negate its damage. 
  • Avoid Pol's charge, spread on pulverize. 
  • Tank A takes damage from whirlwind, save hamster ball for that. (Life Cocoon)
  • Watch out for interruption shout. If you  have a paladin, get them to use devo aura here. (Mana tea wont be interrupted anyway)
  • Keep the statue by the ranged. Single target the melee (My raid never had many of them dudes)

Ko'ragh - Super simple guide. 
  • Fire debuff can be dispelled, if you like to cheese, soon as the first raid wide fire debuff is up, use revival. (will be up for last one)
  • If the boss is charging move away (behind someone else)
  • help stun adds with leg sweep when needed. 
  • Tanks and the player catching the orbs will take heavy damage, Save cocoon for those three. 
  • Dont stand by or near any of the bad stuff (ice, fire, arcane) 
  • Use surging/soothing on tanks (watch for range) and use uplift as a main chi spender here. Lots of AoE damage from people unable to avoid all the avoidable damage. 
There you go folks! Second basic guide complete! I will add some widgets in for the spells for new people looking to know more about the spells, but it's Friday, It's been a busy week and I have a cold now so I want to mong out! Until next time folks! Take care! - Vaylen.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Basic Mistweaver Healing Guide | Highmaul | The Walled City

Hello folks! It's been one hell of a long time since I wrote a super basic healing guide and featured a post about my monk but since my break (getting ready for the forces) I have not had as much time as I wanted to back track on my blog ideas and get writing. However I feel like it's the right time to write up some super basic guides cutting out the boring things like every tactic each encounter has because I'm sure we're all accustomed to them now. Anyway, Below will be a guide on each encounter Enjoy! 

Important! This is a basic guide amusing you already know how to play this class. I will not be covering each spell to use. Just a general overview. Icy veins, wow head and others all have you covered there. 

Kargath Bladefist - 
  • Place statue in the middle of the room for healing coverage.
  • Stay away from tiger pits around the room. Fall in it and you will die.
  • Be aware of fire pillars. If Kargath targets you, run behind a fire piller to stun him. (Chi torpedo is great for this)
  • Tanks take more damage during impale so save cooldowns like cocoon for the second impale.
  • Keep ReM on at least 1 charge
  • Soothing mist on Tanks prio.
  • If there is a ton of raid damage, revival should be used accordingly, don't waste it. 
  • Defuse magic is your best friend.
  • Chi wave for coverage.

The Butcher - 
  • Place statue in melee range.
  • Soothing mist on tanks constantly.
  • Soon as stacks build up from melee groups use AOE heals frequently such as uplift.
  • After second charge, I use revival for a effective recovery.
  • Use ReM as your main chi generator along with surging.
  • Dampen Harm if you really want to reduce  charge damage.
  • When bosses Zerk face, don't panic. 
  • Chi burst, aimed at the melee group is OP.

Brackenspore - 
  • Avoid the green stuff on the floor (Creeping moss)
  • Heal up mushrooms as prio. 
  • The green one, living mushroom should be activated when topped off during infesting spore. (Crazy raid damage)
  • Heal up the blue mushroom for mana regeneration and haste for the whole raid. Here you can go balls to the wall with uplifts and enveloping on tanks.
  • Switch to Crane stance to help kill adds and use ToD on the big adds. 
  • Save cooldowns for the expected tank damage when stacks get high. Otherwise it wont ever be needed. 
  • Chi Torpedo is great here along with celerity for more free heals.
  • Defuse magic/zen med during infesting is great ways to mitigate that poison damage.
There we go! Basic guide on the first wing complete! Expect the rest out during this weekend. For those after my Warrior play throughs, they will be back but only for a month or so as I leave for the Army on the 13th of July! So as I'm sure you guys can appreciate the lateness of them recently. I did actualy cancel my sub to focus on training but I feel like I have to complete my play through as I really did enjoy it and such. Speak soon babes! - Vaylen.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Let's play/blog World Of Warcraft | Way of the Warrior | 30 - 40 | #4

Hello again everyone! Welcome to my Let's play/blog series. In this series of blog posts I have been venturing forth on a new character/class combination as voted from my guild mates. In these posts I like to cover my leveling locations, Lore, class abilities and so on. In this episode we're venturing through Western Plaguelands, A place that has seem a bit of change since the last time you may have gone there! So sit back, relax and enjoy, Let's play Warcraft! 

So we set off from our capital city of Ironforge, A city nestled in the mountain ranges of Dun Morogh. I was originally going to quest through Hinterlands but I wanted somewhere a little different. As much as I love it there, I have been to that place far to many times, so I thought, why not go somewhere a little different! The only issue was the enormous walk I had to do to finally reach WPL. I started in Ironforge, headed down to Wetlands, through Arathi Highlands and then cascade down the hinterlands hills to finally find this little shack of quest givers. Fewww! 

Anyway, on to the location at hand, Western Plaguelands. What was once a beautiful and peaceful farmland, to the east of the lavish Lordaeron. Its central hub, Andorhal which supplied most of the grain to the surrounding areas and most northern provenances. This however would be the slow decay of the zone. Knowing how much influence this town had, the necromancer Kel'Thuzad tampered with the grain which then quickly spread across the land like a rash slowly killing off the humans living here, the wildlife and the land itself, which gives in to its new name, Plaguelands. 

We start our adventure to the south, away from the towns for now. Tucked away in the mountains between the hinterlands there is a small path that will lead you to the first quest hub. It's here we start to make our advance through Andorhal and try and decipher the plots being conjured up. I actually really enjoyed the quest line here, it gace me fond memories of the grind back in TBC and that moment when I looted my first epic that sold for 500g! Hefty sum back then I kid you not!

Due to the nature of the quests here, there was so many creatures grouped up that I could finally take advantage of my new AOE ability whirlwind which was awesome. The power of the warrior through questing is unreal. With new additions to my self healing its been a doddle! Plus those 2k wildstrike  lining up perfectly! mmm I TAKE IT! 

During your time questing here you will find yourself surrounded by farmlands. One of the more stranger quests was the one were I had to help out a troll.. UGHH A TROLL! *sharpens axe and strokes beard* Apparently this sucker is training to be a druid and we had to help him. The only fun part was seeing him jump in to chicken form and moonfire himself repeatedly. Other than that, he was as good as a cooked gnome.. USELESS! Look how fancy my purple gloves are though! 

After those quests you then find yourself back in Andorhal and finally facing the menace that  resides there. It was here I had finally find a bit of World PvP and holy hell it was an Orc warrior.. HE DID NOT KNOW WHAT HIT HIM! I would like to just point out that I did not want to be that guy killing someone over and over again to see who the better warrior was.. BUT I SO DID! no shame. 

She wanted me to kneel....
Towards the end of the quest line that I was on, you get to see one of the more notable locations, the tomb of Uther. A place I think everyone should go see once in a while. This guy was a legend among paladins and one of my all time favorite lore characters in the franchise. I thought it was a good time to pay my respects before heading off at level 40 to grab my mount, update my professions and get myself ready for the next adventure! 

Below is the list of new abilities I acquired from 30 - 40

A great passive, a straight up damage increase if I wish to go one handed. Which does looks awesome! Plus a new slow with Hamstring  which works fantastic on those pesky creatures running away in fear! 

So that's it from me this weeks folks. I hope you all have a awesome Easter and I look forward to the next blog post! If you wish to contact me in game or read previous posts please feel free to check out the links below! - Vay.