Thursday, 24 July 2014

To Master The Arts, You Must Look The Part.

Hello explorers, adventures and transmogrification experts around the world! In this Blog post I share with you some of my collected T-Mog sets I have been tinkering with over the past few months. Unfortunately we monks don't have as much to go for in terms of tiers and such being the new coming to the classes in MoP but that wont stop us! With a bit of imagination and some farming you can acquire some lovely bits n' bobs. These are the sets I have on my monk most of the time, as you will tell, I like the simplistic looks. So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

The Farmer

This is probably my most used T-mog in game right now, most of my guild know me for this set and claiming myself as "The best Farmer in all of azeroth" which is rather fitting to the monk I suppose. This took me a few months to get the bits together for this through nothing but trial and error. I'm happy with the final result, maybe a few bits of tweaking could still be done but none the less I'm pleased. I just wish I had the Magic rooster to follow suit!

The Blood-Seaker

This next set was inspired by the rogue looking set from ICC infused with the armor style of the monk. I originally started with the full look-alike T10 rogue set but after getting some Prideful gear and forgetting to T-mog it I realised how cool it looked. I wanted to try and keep it evil looking but match up the red sections of the set through out. The mask was the last item to finish of the look. May not be to everyone's taste but I do like the look of it! The knuckle dusters give it that more menacing feel to it. This tends to be my PvE outfit. 

The Vile Soul Of Kinship

What a lovely name! I made this name through some of the items in this T-mog. This is my most recent one put together a few days ago inspired by the not so common rogue set off pieces from Naxx 25. I love the evil feel to it and with this set I feel like the Helmet not showing gives it that edge. I wanted to go for a dark looking character but not to *Ninja* like. It's far to common in the monks these days so went for something a little more subtle. This is my go to T-mog set for PvP. I love this a fair bit to be fair! 

There you have it folks, a little insight in to my preferable style for my monk, from basic farmer outfits to the more evil looking soul of Kinship as I named it! Fancy! I like to go for things that are not used so much and hopefully this gives you fellow master of the winds to have a change of wardrobe! Until next time guys, Be safe! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Guild Event: Independence day!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you guys the event from tonight, it was a quick thing I fancied doing to celebrate Independence day and a great excuse to get people who are able to jump on at a short notice and have some fun. Things escalated rather quickly after the initial meet up and you will see from the screenshots I put together, just how crazy it got!

How it began..
So I wanted to get people together (who ever was on and fancied it at the time) and was pleased by how many people came, We grabbed some beers/fireworks and headed too Booty bay to watch the fire works, I have never seen them before in game so it was a good chance to have a look. My original plan was to get a few screenshots of us as a guild there and that be it.. but as soon as we started killing people in Booty bay, we had the taste for blood.

After our screenshots and firework spam we decided to greet the fellow players over in Goldshire.. crazy Idea right, well it has a reputation most of our guild try to avoid.. MOST! *Looks at frank* Anyway we grouped up, took some screenshots and things once again, as they always do in Forged Legacy, got a touch out of hand and apparently druids got wood, lots of wood. We started of with a few drinks downstairs and we then decided to see what the fuss was about upstairs. Try and spot me with my head in the bed...

From drinking to ganking..
After the odd moments in Goldshire we then decided to head over to Kalimdor and see what kind of mess we could cause over there. The best way to show your faction pride is by going over there and killing everything! We started in ratchet and took a detour through Crossroads then towards the west entrance in Origmmar. We never thought we would even get in the gate being only a small group of 11.. but this is Forged Legacy, we wing everything!

As you can see from the photo above we had our awesome Lock, Rulock summon up the warhorses and on we marched! FOR THE HORDE! I mean... Alliance... I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING!

Once we got in Orgimmar we then thought, lets see how tough Garrosh really is. After reading a bit of War Crimes I wanted to smash the donkeys face in so we stuck together, ninja style and got in his room. We spent a good 25/30 minutes killing him as he had so much health but he hit like a wet fish. Maybe because of Taran Zhu's punch that knocked his focus abit, anyway we managed to kill him with only 11 of us, while defending off the horde..Grimlar however was not so lucky... :p But great job guys! Was great fun and grats on the achievement!

How it ends..

And there we have it, most of us made it back out alive without even dying to Garrosh and his warriors. We surely changed the way he will think towards the Alliance and our guild! I just want to say a quick thank you to those who came on such short notice and made such a simple event, so much fun! Looking forward to taking on the rest as we go, hopefully a few more guildies will come!
Sunday, 29 June 2014

Warlords Of Draenor Beta: First Impressions!

Hello ladies and gentleman! I was blessed to get the first wave of Beta Invite overs the weekend which actually fell on my birthday so as much as I was spoiled by my family and girlfriend, blizzard decided to gift me something rather special, a WoD Beta pass! I was at work on the Friday and I could not help but jump up and down and sing to the lords of three hammers and dance like a gnome for a few moments... After that out burst I waited a few days before I had a bit of time to give it a go.. Here is my first impressions, but remember folks, its Beta, everything you see here may not be in the game upon release so take everything I say with a grain of salt. So sit back, relax with your finest brew, It's Beta Baby.. Monk style! 

So upon logging in after the download the first thing I wanted to do was copy over my monk and test out the new and beautiful Shadowmoon, after all this was one of the main reasons I came over to the Alliance side. Unfortunately Shadowmoon was closed off for some time due to too many DC's and so on, not to worry I thought! Lets get the monk over and see stats and whats different.... Nope. According to MMO-Champion there is a bug with EU character copies, its only available to US players.. bummer. Well thankfully this let me have a look at the other models and below is a picture of some of the texture changes to human females.

I'm really fussy about characters, I want to make them look perfect and the new hair styles and their fluid/natural look is incredible, for all the models we could see. I know this is only the human POV but I'm sure you guys can have a little look on other blogs, websites for that, I just love the humans more so than other races.. Boring right!? Right! Anyway, the hair looks great, my only concern is the faces. With the new amount of polygons used (this could be a bug) but I thought there would be more variation on the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, chin) because the only thing I could see change when scrolling through the face options was lip color and very minor lip changes. Even so, the shading, tones and so on looked fantastic. Just wish there was more choice, even on beta. We don't want to all look the same do we? we have had a decade of that.

The next step was to have a little look at the action bars, spells and our passives. Not much has really shifted, there does look like very few passives but we have gained a few new shiny ones in the process. The action for monks really does not as drastic like other classes (empty/tumbleweed type bars) for WW monk anyway. But enough of that, The passives!

Windflurry - We knew this one was coming for some time, A nice but of raid coverage of a nice passive. Multistrike will be an integral part of the new meta game so its great to see our great class abuse that.
Multistrike Attunement - I'm pretty sure a number of classes get this, nonetheless, helpful and tasty. 

Note: Windwalkers also grant raid members with a minor speed increase within a certain amount of yards but I could not see the tooltip in my spell book, but I'm assured we do have it. Maybe just another bug. 

My next thing on the list to test was the one thing that plagued my monk all expansion... Not being able to see the pesky fist weapons! It may seem minor but too me I hated it! I love seeing my weapons and even if our fists looked incredible we could only see them on our character selection screen but I can confirm to you now, you can seem them during combat (See photo at the top of the blog post) YAY! 

Class Momentum and Fluidity
My main concern with the changes that were coming our way was the increased chi amount per Teb gained. Also the energy increase for jab. I loved how fast our spec felt, even if I pressed something wrong, I felt that pressure to make sure every key hit was perfected and timed well.. I wanted us to keep this, But with blizzards direction they were heading, I was sure and still am that they want to *slow our spec down* but right now it still feels great, if not better. I'm not hitting those chi generators as fast, and that is noticeable but personally I don't feel hindered like I thought I would. Also with the change to Fist Of Fury, when you hit that sucker, it bashes mobs hard and for the first time since patch 5.0.. Using FoF feels rewarding and good. Also SEF is now not on the GCD and feels great. Simple change but well needed... Some what overdue right? To add to these changes, being able to direct our Flying serpent kick/Rolls feels great. 

What I have also come to learn is that, blizzard can slow us down if they wish, but as we know, they want us to make more use of our Energizing brew. With this spell and Chi Brew, in all honesty we will still remain fluid and compelling to play. A nice little change (as shown on the photo above) Our Tiger Eye Brew has a more prominent spell effect. Sexy.

Note: One thing to be aware of  is that I have not unlocked any Perks yet. I'm yet to test our damage with those and in dungeons but regardless we still hit hard. 

Initial Questing
My questing experience right now is very minimal but I have done a few quest and seen a few things I wanted to share with you lovely folk. The questing right now feels a little loosely connected but I think that's blizzards way of stress testing quests. Maybe I just feel a bit awkward between, the horde and alliance factions. 

Some things to expect while questing.
- Some maps are not yet finished. 
- Alot of texturing missing making some quests hard to find/complete.
- Mobs dispersing/not dying. 
- Random porting if you stray to far from the portal.

I know I know, this is beta but it would be nice if the first zone we could test was some what polished a little to get more of a feel and understand blizzards direction/thought process. I mean we are testing their content but we don't have to much to look at. Not asking for to much am I? Well I'm new to the whole Beta thing, so just dropping some thoughts here and there.

As mentioned above some of the quests took me so long to complete because I could not see were to go because of the texturing. Maybe because Tanaan Jungle is still a work in progress compared to Shadowmoon but nonetheless it was a little annoying. Just be aware of this while your on the beta servers, some of these zones as shown below have caused a number of peoples clients to crash including me, and this is but a few of them! (Behind the portal also is a hot spot for DC's)

Another small thing that annoyed me some what was the following... Spot the problem here! 

That's right, I'm pretty sure Thrall took his Birth name forward in the lore and took it with him back through the portal, maybe its blizzard being lazy but still, little things like this pulls us in to the story and immerse use in the vibrant quests and characters, I just wish we saw Go'el finally. This is your time blizzard to make the story around these great characters rich and true... Make it so please!  

A few perks while playing the Beta
While my play time was limited on the Beta for the first time, I did notice a few things which was a nice touch to add. We are able to use any mount in the game, great to finally ride that roster! The mount tab also shows were you can get the mounts from, which vendor sold them, what reputation you need and so on. There is also a Random mount button that will make you mount one of your many Favorited mounts. Fancy. 

You can also mount the flying mounts that are in the game but due to the no flying rule, you can only use them as ground mounts, still, a nice touch and this made my Beta experience that more enjoyable. HOWEVER! one thing that was a bit odd was the following photo: 

While you quest you unlock core abilities for your pre-made 90, but this is made redundant because as soon as you choose your spec once you log in, you gain these abilities anyway. Logic? Anyway, despite these few flaws the overall experience was great. 

Quick/Basic Recap
The monk maintains its great sense of feel and fluidity which was my main concern. Some small tweaks to abilities/spell effects is very infectious. The questing and seeing our favorite Warcraft characters is awesome as hell even if some did have wrong names. Although the texturing is a bit off and some obvious negatives in Betas it was great to get a little insight in to blizzards work and I feel so lucky to be able to give it a shot Overall, I'm pretty happy. I will be doing alot more in-depth reviews of the beta as I learn more about it myself and telling you guys my adventures on the monk from 100 talents, leveling perks and so on. Not to mention the garrisons, but I have not got that far yet. 

I just want to say a quick thank you to blizzard for letting us test your game and enabling me to be apart of it/ Thank you to Faith for the referral for the Beta, its much appreciated my friend, a great Birthday present indeed. 

That's it from me for now folks! I hope you guys are enjoying your beta madness and I look forward to meeting you American monks in game at some point! For now I will leave you will a little photo I edited while questing in Tanaan, enjoy! - Vaylen.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Forging A Lost Legacy

Hello folks! Just wanted to share with you guys what a few of us from the guild have been up too the past week. We have been extremely busy with new recruits, re working our Flex runs and being on the GGW podcast so you could say its been a crazy few weeks which would explain my lack of blog posts.. But I still want to share with you guys we are doing right now! so sit back, relax and grab your finest brew as we take a little adventure back through Warcraft in its golden age.

Many of our guild members have never experienced how Warcraft used to be and how many of us remember the good ol' days of running to summon stones, grinding through tough dungeons and looking forward to the possibility of new loot almost every dungeon, with Heirlooms now a *must have* for any alt-aholic it makes leveling much for faster and efficient but because of this, you really do miss so much, so we thought we would take on or make our own Iron man challenge and go re live those amazing memories and also create our own ones too! 

So what is Iron man?
Iron man is created for a group of 5 people to run dungeons without the help of super crazy leveling gear, gold or boosts. Generally in a typical group too, if you die, its game over. But we loved our questing so much as a group we decided to keep them even if we die but just enjoy the old dungeons and questing zones to show our new members of the community what it used to be like and I have to say, its been so much fun. 

Our guild already has a working team but we also have a second team starting around the 1st of july, we plan to meet up at the 60,70 and 80 brackets to hit up some raiding action! should be a blast! We wanted to do something more with out community and this has really been a great way to get new people in vent, talking in guild and making them feel more welcome. 

So we started questing through Goldshire and eventually leading up to Westfall were we hopefully could reach level 15 and start to head towards moonbrooke. As a group this was so much fun, we had a great laugh while running around like crazy people attacking wolves and kobolds with our sticks and wands... great times! We also wanted to make sure our group was evenly sharing loot to make the gearing process more fair in dungeons, so this is our team currently:

Tank - Brewmaster (Leather)
Healer - Priest (Spirit cloth)
DPS 1 - Hunter (Mail)
DPS 2 - Elemental shaman (Mail/leather caster )
DPS 3 - Warrior (Plate) 

I'm playing the warrior currently and I have been pretty lucky with the drops in dungeons... MANY ITENZ! 
We have also split up the professions so someone has something different for the group so we can make items should we need them. This makes our group a little bit more diverse because we are not using LFD system and so we don't get the perks of the gear from the bags you can get, so crafting our own upgrades seems more rewarding!

After we cleared Stockades and Deadmines we wanted to create an event for those taking part... and something I did once when I first started playing was that huge walk from Ironforge too Shadowfang keep... OH MY LORD! I remember when I first started playing how terrified I was of the red raptors and horde ganking me! baring in mind this was when I did not know hunters could use bows and guns... Raptor strike spamming was the in thing! 

The Adventure!
So we grouped up at the Ironforge bank and started our journey which slowly became a race more or less.. and with many deaths later and running from skull mobs we reached our first target of interest, hinterlands! who would of thought of the amount of wolves in that place... I spent more times running away from were I should of been going because the creatures clearly did not want us around.. This was also the first place many of our group had not seen before which was a nice change for them.

After many many minutes later and a few ganks we finally reached Shadowfang.. a 5 minute flight journey took us 50 minutes of walking and you may find this crazy but it was so fun and it brought back so many fond memories and I really loved walking through old Dalaran and even EPL.. Good times! Once we got in almost instantly Warrior gear had dropped which was so fun because every drop was an upgrade and you really feel that power improve, something you seem to neglect when you have looms.. anyway! We powered through and even manged to get a snazzy photo! Wave everyone!  

This is something we want to continue and we're also looking for more people to take part in the future so if you wish to join our guild then please head over to Ravencrest EU and give my monk named Vaylen or our recruitment officer Syana a whisper!  

"I'm an incompetent Gnome and I hate everything... even.. HEY! YOU! Abomination.. DIE!" *kicks in the ankles* *Shows him the finger*

Guild logo created by: Kalinyx.