Saturday, 28 March 2015


The moment you realize you can have everything you want in life. However, it takes timing, the right heart, the right actions, the right passion and willingness to risk it all. If it's not yours, its because you really didn't want it, need it or god prevented it. 

When I look back on what I have done with my life, I don't think I could say that I'm proud of what I have achieved. Every day feels like a day wasted or a day filled with something I could of been doing to help loved ones and help myself. I have never felt that I was ready to take on the world, have a dream to chase or a reason to get my head off the pillow every morning. But within the past couple of years, that has changed. 

Over a year ago, I lost yet another member of my family. Now, even from as far back as I can remember we have never had a big family. But loosing those ones closest two you will forever leave a void, a space in your heart that you know will never ever be filled again. Sure you can over come loss, sure you can think positive with every difficult circumstance  you are put up against, but the fact is, life can not be replaced. Loosing my step dad was so tough for me as I'm sure it is tough for others but in my situation it really did find it a struggle.

See I have never had a father around, my step dad was the one who raised me with my amazing mother and together, they were the ones that taught me how to be a decent person. To be a gentleman, to have morals and respect of others and to also have a dream and chase. Looking back on my life, I do wish I took the opportunity to make something of myself sooner, but without the loss I have suffered through my life, I don't think I would have that drive, that desire to achieve everything I can. 

If I could make a living out of playing games, streaming and going to gaming conventions through sponsorship, Trust me when I say that I would in a heart beat. But I don't think that life was ever mean't for me. I don't claim to be religious, in fact I am more of a skeptic in that sense, but I do wholeheartedly believe that every one of us has a purpose, we just have to find out what it is. Sure, we see those rare perfect lives of gamers like Athene, Swifty, Baj and many more working hard and now reaping the rewards from companies like Blizzard, Twitch and Razer but I can grantee that it was not without struggles, trials and graft that got them there. To chase their dreams and finally grab a hold of it. That I can admire and its that drive I to feel like I finally have now to chase down my dreams, and wont settle until I do.

So my dream, Is it to become the next big YouTube/Gaming sensation? No. That decade of my life is in past. That was not my life's ambition. That was me trying to be something I was not, and sure I enjoy my gaming, I enjoy speaking about them and absolutely love blogging about them, But I have always felt that I'm wasting my time doing something I shouldn't and could always do something more, something that I could be proud of, something to tell my grandchildren and inspire them to chase their dreams and look for their purpose in life as my step father did for me. 

My goal, is to get myself out of this man cave, see the world and in any way I can, do some good for others around me. I also want to secure a steady future for my family and my amazing woman. Give them the life that my family wanted for me and I know, despite the tough decision I have to deal with, just get on with it.

I have been working towards getting in to the British Army.. I applied on the 1st of august 2015 and over half a year later and many interviews, assessments and so on I now have my official start date. I have never wanted something so bad in my life if I'm honest. I think every man & women both feel that they need to have that strength and initiative to be able to support them self's and others around them. I just never felt that I would get that, dreaming of a life that just was not mine to dream about.

We all have our faults and if I was to highlight mine, it would be me leave my family and loved ones behind. I want to spend every moment with my girlfriend because she has been my rock through everything and have never taken her love for granted and it kills me to know she will be alone, doing her own thing but not have me there with her, But we both know that I have to do this for me, for her, for us, and our kids.

 My step dad was an honorable man and adored his family. My mum too. She still to this day forgets about her own well being and puts everyone first and I never really knew why and to be honest, I think I took that for granted. I have learned that family is all we have, family is the only reason why we are here and family is also the one thing that makes us up of who we are. Every new born is a descendant of that line and its up to us as people to influence them to make this world a better place.

I don't want to leave my family. friends and Girlfriend behind but I know in my heart, I have to do it in order to fulfill my dream and allow me to stand up on my own to feat and be proud of what I have done, Not live a life of regret and doubt. The fact is, we have one life to make it right and we wont ever get a second chance to re-write our wrongs in our past, we can not bring back our loved ones no matter how hard we try. What we can do though is take full control over what we want out of life, and chase it down with every source of energy we have as people and then, the impossible can be possible.

As I said before, The loss I suffered within my family was tough and will forever be a reminder that life is so precious to me. I'm sure everyone at some stage will have or have gone through this will also know how I'm feeling here which is to make the most out of life. Don't hide away from it. If you have a dream, You chase it. Everyone has a destiny, a opportunity o do great and become great, But you won't ever know if you don't try.

- Rhys (Vaylen) Bessell.
Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Let's play/blog World of Warcraft | Way of the Warrior | 20 - 30 | #3

Hello everyone! welcome to my third lets play/blog series as we follow the keen adventures and exploration of my brand new character Vay, the drunken Dwarf Warrior. It has been a absolute blast so far and I have to admit, I did not think I would have this much fun. Its an incredible class to play, especially fury. I decided for this level bracket I would try out some dungeons and before I knew it I was already 30. The class feels wild, it feels unrelenting and Its so much fun! So sit back, relax and enjoy... Lets blog Warcraft... Warrior style!

Here we are again folks! Questing and killing our way through the leveling brackets! Last week we was adventuring through Loch Modan, a beautiful location set between the rolling hills and tranquil mountain ranges of Dun Morogh and the wetlands. As much as I have enjoyed the questing in the dwarf themed areas, I decided to hit up some dungeons and before I knew it, It was time to get some material for a new blog post! So below is a list of the dungeons and I encountered and a little bit of a back story for them.

Shadowfang Keep - This haunted keep sits right above the borderline to Gilneas overlooking a small village called Pyrewood inhabited by wolves and other evil animals. It's home to a demented and cursed Vincent Godfrey, A traitor to his homeland and forsaken. This instance is the residence of a whole range of undead, and you wont find much trace of the old inhabitant anywhere in the dark and twisted halls. The creatures here are in small packs which make it great for some fury warrior damage. Plus the bosses are unique and different from each other.

Blackfathom Deeps - A incredible dungeon, one of the few underwater instances that drags you through many daunting caverns and leaking pathways that open on to ancient architecture which is probably nightelf origin, that is now over run with the twilight cult who are also joined by a mix of creatures and Naga to defend their holy demi god, Aku'Mai, a huge dragon like Hydra. This instance is a difficult one to find, but once the Temple is found to the far west of ashenvale along the coats line, it can be found after a short underground swim, So if you wish to find the entrance, don't forget your flippers and a waterproof map. This also had a re work for WoD and some of the boss encounters have some great mechanics. My new healing spell was great here along with Victory rush.

Scarlet Halls - This dungeon is located with its other counterparts in Tirisfal glades, slightly north of Undercity. This instance was re worked and now is home to what seem to be crazed Zealots and crusaders, defending their keeps from what was only Undead nightmares to pretty much anything living. The Scarlet crusade have a history of doing so, with anything that is attempting to disrupt their holy ground is an enemy. This particular instance is home to a Houndmaster, Armsmaster and a Wizard by the name of Koegler, Don't stand in the fire!

Level 25 was fast approaching so I took a look at some of the ones I thought would be great as you unlock a Major and a Minor slot at level 25, 50 and 75! From what I saw, the rage increasing glyphs was mandatory and the minor glyphs are only cosmetic so I decided to rock the burning anger one!

Once I hit level 30 I realized I had another set of talents to choose from, from what I can see from these, they are our healing utility. Below are the ones you unlock!  

The Idea of being able to heal myself when needed although for a very small amount was beneficial to my leveling, so as you can see from the image above, I decided to go with Enraged Regeneration. The others sound great and I can see their uses but I kill things fast enough that Victory Rush  takes care of my health most of the time. 

I also gained some interesting abilities while leveling!

Heroic Throw
Raging Blow

Raging Blow cosmetic looks amazing and hits like a truck, As a dwarf you leap in the air and hit targets with both weapons (Like a glorified Mutilate) But way cooler! I also gained an interrupt which will be valuable during my adventures.

So that's it from me Ladies and Gents, I hope you liked this some what different blog post due to the nature of my leveling this week but I have to say its been a blast as always. Again, thank you all for your continued support on the forums. I am really glad that other people can enjoy this adventure with me and if people would like to see more of my leveling, I may start a live stream! Until then folks follow me on the usual twitter/armory and I shall see you soon! - Vay. 

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Let's play/blog World of Warcraft! | Way of the Warrior | 10 - 20 | #2

Greetings fellow adventures, explorers and warriors of the world! Its time for my second post on my lets blog series! Follow me as I venture through vast wilderness, spooky dungeons and slay some horde as Vay, the dwarf warrior who enjoys a beverage now and then would be a slight understatement. Last week we started our adventure in Dun Morogh and in this episode we quest through Loch Modan on our journey to level 20. So sit back, relax and enjoy..
Lets blog Warcraft! 

Hey good lookin' want to have a go on my cannon? *strokes beard*
So our adventure continues from the snowy yet beautiful region of Dun Morogh, our home land to another equally stunning location filled with our brothers and sisters of the hammer (and cannons) Loch Modan. This location can be reached via the most eastern tunnel under the mountains and through the valley of kings. Its beautiful rolling hills, tranquil forests are home to some of the more sinister creaters such as wolves, bears, spiders and many other races causing trouble. It is also home to the abandoned Archaeological dig site to the east and a lake right in the middle from which it got its name. Kobolds, ogres and gnolls all have their foothold here but the small town of Thelsamar is home to the dwarfs keeping this place in check.  

I started the quest from Ironforge that took me here (also to complete a blacksmith quest) from which I got acquainted with the folks of Thelsamar whom sent me on a ton of missions in to  some treacherous caves, bottomless of lakes, and in to the cursed woods over looked by the ogres. 

(Right) The Bear Grylls of Loch Modan

Reaching level 20 here was rather simple. A ton of quests will lead you all over the region. What I also noticed was the vast amount of copper/tin ore nestled in the caves and mountains so I took full advantage of that and after the quest line, I was level 19 and decided to grind out the rest of my level. 

Hacking and slashing my way through the zone, the warriors early downtime was none existent which was fantastic. Some of the new abilities I gained were putting out some enormous numbers. I love the feel of the class, it feels some what like organised chaos. You hit sparkly things, things hit hard, things die, things give coin. Success! Time for a beer! 

At level 15 I unlocked the talents! They seem absolutely awesome in my opinion and the first row were focused on our mobility which is charge. Below is a photo and descriptions of the talent choices. 

As you can see I went for the rather tasty looking Juggernaut Its cooldown reduction is perfect for questing and I could really feel the difference in getting to the mobs quicker. The other two are great, one I could imagine being great for PvP. 

New spells are next on the list to share with you guys, so below is a list of the spells I gained from 10 - 20

Piercing Howl 

Getting to level 20 has been an absolute blast and I can not wait to step foot in to a new location. I also aim to complete some dungeons and give you guys a little back story in to those zones. I am still rather enjoying my play time now on this toon and I really look forward to writing the next post! Anyway, after choosing my talent, getting my new skills, I then took a trip back to the city to level up my mining and smithing which are now at 110. Still have a way to go but nonetheless it shall we done! 

So that's all ladies and gentleman! Thanks again for following me on my adventures! Be sure to check out my twitter and armory as linked below to keep up to date with what I'm up too. Also I would like to thanks those for their kind words on the forums who seem to be enjoying this lets blog/play series! Thank you Kept & Favy. Until next time folks, take care. - Vay.

Note: If you wish to add me on battlenet go ahead! Vaylen#2903

Forged Legacy - Ravencrest - EU

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Let's play/blog World Of Warcraft | Way of the Warrior | 1-10 | #1

Hello my fellow adventures! I am back with a brand new lets play! In these brief blog posts I like to share my experiences of leveling a new class for the first time, lore behind the class as well as some amazing information on the locations I quest through. I have always been a lover of lore, melee classes and more importantly to me, the lore behind the Dwarfs. So sit back, grab your finest keg of brew and come with me on a new adventure.

So! first things first. The class was picked by my guild members by a poll, In all honesty I was preying they would pick this one as I hinted at this one being picked on TS multiple times. Huuzzaahh! It worked! I have always enjoyed melee classes over any other DPS type in the game for its quick moving play style and the warrior certainly felt the right choice after playing a Monk and a Shaman for some time. The warrior acts as a bloodthirsty killer, gaining rage through normal hits and spending rage on hard hitting spells. Juicy.

Secondly, the race. Such an importance to me is being able to connect to the character and for me, having an OCD with making sure I don't have multiple races on my selection screen or classes for that matter the Dwarf was just perfect. I have always loved the lore of this race more than any other in Warcraft and I could not wait to start playing it. *Strokes beard*

So I had the race, class and a fresh new guild tabard to match my new character much to my guild mates disgust, I was ready! Ready to get some awesome screenshots and work out what I wanted to do with this class. 

The adventure stars deep within the icy mountains of Dun Morogh defending your bunker in Coldridge Valley from an obvious threat. What starts as slaying some Troggs, healing up some fallen comrades, getting information from the trolls about a troublesome cave down towards the south, you are thrown in to the thick of a fight.

After completing a number of quests for some folk around town which involves a bit of drinking, looking for drink and drinking more drink, you are asked to head over to Kharanos the small military hub at the foot of Ironforge this town is also known world renown fame because Thunderbrew Distillery producing some of the finest brews in the world and every Dwarf knows how important that is! After a short introduction to the zone we are once again thrown in to the deep end. 

During my questing session I was able to get from 1 - 10 rather quickly and the next big question after the questing was what Spec to play?! Now, I had a plan of going to roll a tank because of the fast ques and being able to speed up my leveling experience but I decided to throw that idea out the window and rock a Warrior, with two huggeee axes and indulge within my own drunken rage! Fury baby! 

Below is a list of the spells obtained during my questing!

Victory Rush
Crazed Beserker
Titans Grip

I also decided there was no other better profession to go with than mining and blacksmith. To me this really suits the lore feel to the class and race which I think is the perfection combination! Obviously I will work on my secondary professions once I start the leveling but to tell you all the trust, for the first time in a long time I am really enjoying my leveling! 

So going back to the adventure at hand, I completed the quest line in Dun Morogh that lead me through valleys, mines, runways within the mountains and scaring away some troll hunters from my rams It was finally time to look for the quest to take me to my next location, Loch Modan! 

Be ready for some amazing screenshots and hopefully a little bit more lore (short for time this week)! I hope you guys enjoyed this little introduction post and be sure to keep up with me on my Twitter and Armory below on my next post! I am new to the warrior class so any help or advise along the way would be much appreciated! My goal is to reach level 100, find some amazing Xmogs and really enjoying that leveling experiences. See you next time folks! - Vay. 

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