Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Heroic Lei Shen.... *sadface*

I wish I had a picture to add to this post to say we downed him last night, but to be honest, we have not had such luck. We execute the first phase perfectly, with our Main tank on boss first, I taunt the boss to the next pillar at 90% (provoke works wonders as you need the boss to move ASAP and provoke increases the bosses movement speed. I then run like a tramp after a ice cream van when I get Decapitate (tank swap) carry on dpsing the boss and get next pillar to 60-70%, move with Main tank, taunt off and he runs off from decapitate, then on to Intermission phase 1.

Here we had some troubles on the 2/2 platforms, but with a Hunter and a ret paladin on my section, we had it covered (spec in to Tigers Lust for the Helmet of command ability) , although I did kill zeebra once, but thats because he never paid me for resurrecting him, we did decently... then Phase two comes in..

Lightning whip is not a problem, its such a simple mechanic, soon as Lei starts casting whip, the tank who is not currently tanking moves to next sector to pick up the boss.. Its all the crap with lightning balls, timing Leg sweep and a warriors stun to negate most damage and all the other random damage going on, Its hard for a tank like myself in my gear to handle it, sometimes we managed to get in to the second Intermission, but with unlucky deaths, we are still pursuing progress on him.

But in our minds we know, soon as this wannabe' Thor finally dies, Ra den should follow suit pretty quickly, and then we have our 13/13 Heroic Progress completed and ready for 5.4 and the bosses that await us there.

Also I would like to add here, before he causes a shit storm and demands resses every pull, Zeebra, Your gold is welcome here *taps pocket* ;)

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