Thursday, 25 July 2013

Being Trolled by a Troll.

With another reset night, We went on a small mission on getting myself some new Gear to catch up with the rest of the guild. I think its hugely noticeable with the damage I sustain on Lei shen to know I need more gear to boost that as much as I can.

So we delve into TOT from the start due to two unsuccessful nights on Heroic Lei and My first attempt at heroic Council was a frustrating one to say the least. Our Druid Main tank took Sul and Frost lord to the left, I taunted the priest every CD while dpsing the grouped two bosses to add in some insane Keg smash damage. Soon as she would get the Dark Empowerment, I would Interrupt her cast, get our Hunter to interrupt her second and drag the crazy Troll lady to the rest of the bosses for some heavy dps. As soon as her empowerment dropped off, I interrupted her cast, rolled x2 (use Tiger Lust helps here) and took her back of the group to continue dps on the other Targets and new Dark empowered member of the council.

What was annoying the crap out of me was her cast time on her abilities making bringing her over very annoying and extremely painful, but with decent communication between myself and our Hunter, we managed to get it down after a few tries! So more progression towards the 12/12 and exalted with Shado-Pan Assault which was a bonus!

I also got two upgrades! heroic chest and my new shiny weapon! BOOM BABY!

Happy Hunting.

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