Sunday, 30 March 2014

Diablo Update!

Greetings all and so the first week of Diablo is coming to a close and I wanted to just mention a few things I have experienced through out my time playing it again. As you know I was very keen on the Crusader when it launched, I guess it was due to the fact it was the new shiny everyone want to play. After a while I came to realize this was not the class for me. There are many changes that need to be made to make the class feel more rewarding to play.. This is all my opinion so of course others have their own but this is a few things they could change..

1. The cost for wrath generators need to be buffed to make using specials/non filler spells more potent.
2. Increase overall damage on wrath based spells, right now the main spells we use to deal damage don't follow suit in terms of cost and damage.
3. Hit box on some spells seem clunky and can lead to uncontrollable deaths.

When you look at other classes, their resource seems to coincide with  the way they generate it, making it better to use spells that consume resource. To me, this made the class feel more clunky than it needed to be.

For a number of reasons I went back to my WD and completed the story mode with him, I then have been taking part in torment III runs with a couple of friends but I still want a change. So as of this, I will be going to play the Monk class, rather suited too the blog as something I want to learn more about!

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