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Playthrough #3 | 20 - 30 | Dungeon crazy!

Hello folks! It's that time again were I share the next ten levels I experienced on my rogue! This week has been insane! I have started my own guild with a couple of friends to create a new social community for players over on Ravencrest EU and its been great so far! Please feel free to check us out over at our website. Now lets get t the juicy goodness that is the rogue and these levels have been great! I admit I did not spend much time in Duskwood as I would have liked but me and the guild members did a fair amount of dungeons but nonetheless! Lets Stealth on! 

So picking up where I left off from the last post, Once I got to level 20 and ran a few Shadowfang keeps I was able to dabble in Scarlet halls and Blackfathom deeps. Scarlet a really great instance and was remade really well. I do miss the old Scarlet instances, but the new ones make a nice addition to the low level dungeons. 

A little background on these instances:

Shadowfang Keep - This haunted keep sits right above the borderline to Gilneas overlooking a small village called Pyrewood inhabited by wolves and other evil animals. It's home to a demented and cursed Vincent Godfrey, A traitor to his homeland and forsaken. This instance is the residence of a whole range of undead, and you wont find much trace of the old inhabitant anywhere in the dark and twisted halls.

Blackfathom Deeps - A incredible dungeon, one of the few underwater instances that drags you through many daunting caverns and leaking pathways that open on to ancient architecture which is probably nightelf origin, that is now over run with the twilight cult who are also joined by a mix of creatures and Naga to defend their holy demi god, Aku'Mai, a huge dragon like Hydra. This instance is a difficult one to find, but once the Temple is found to the far west of ashenvale along the coats line, it can be found after a short underground swim, So if you wish to find the entrance, don't forget your flippers and a waterproof map.

Scarlet Halls - This dungeon is located with its other counterparts in Tirisfal glades, slightly north of Undercity. This instance was re worked and now is home to what seem to be crazed Zealots and crusaders, defending their keeps from what was only Undead nightmares to pretty much anything living. The Scarlet crusade have a history of doing so, with anything that is attempting to disrupt their holy ground is an enemy. This particular instance is home to a Houndmaster, Armsmaster and a Wizard by the name of Koegler, Don't stand in the fire!

The great thing about this instances is the amount of cleave that really makes combat rogues shine thanks to blade flurry! I cant wait for the WoD change that reduces the amount of enemies it hits! Now lets get to the new abilities we gained! 

Gouge - This is our second incapacitate along side Sap, however we can use this in combat as long as we're standing in front of the target, I love this spell for when kicks on cooldown!

Pick lock - Yeah you guessed it! A rogue would not be the same if he/she did not have some naughty tricks up their sleeves. We can now pick open those pesky locks in dungeons and steal the loot for ourselves! Love it.

Sprint - FINALLY! It increases our speed by 70% for 8 seconds, what a beauty.. I hear its even faster with the glyph! but nonetheless its great for quickly catching up with your pals.

Distract - *WHATS THAT?!* Boom! this spell requires stealth and you throw a rock in a specific location to be able to approach enemies from behind if their previously looking towards you.. Sneaky skills! Great as well when you use it against people riding on their mounts, they end up walking back the way they came from.

Cheap shot - Stuns the target for 4 seconds and require stealth, a great opener if you want the control of the fight.

Combat Potency (passive) - I love this passive so much! It gives our off hand attacks and main gauche a chance to replenish 15 energy upon hit, the slower the weapon the higher chance of the proc. With this passive I could really see the increase in energy regeneration and the amount of combo points I could build up.

Swiftblades Cunning (passive) - Increases our parties melee and ranged attack speed by a juicy 10% Short and sweet, a must for most raid teams and groups, I love it! I love rogues I do! :P

Wound Poison - A new poison we can have on our weapons that reduces all healing effects on that player for the next 15 seconds, that's a ton!

At level 30 I also unlocked Duel spec so I decided to take Assassination. With the use of poisons being the main source of damage, I thought this was pretty unique to have in conjunction with the hard hitting combat playstyle. I will cover more info on this spec once I know a little more about it in a separate post so stay tuned!

 So that's it for this rather smaller post, I have been so busy with the guild it has taken up a rather large amount of time but never fear I will be doing these every week! If you want to join our community please heaver over to the link up in the intro and hopefully see you in game! - vaylen.


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