Thursday, 17 April 2014

Playthrough #2 | 10 - 20 | Path Of The Shadows

Hello to all you smugglers, gunslingers and swashbucklers, It's already that time to share with you the experiences along the next 10 levels on the Rogue. I have had a great response from a number of people on my first playthrough and I'm generally excited to write up this series! The rogue is proving to be fun already with the huge critical hits and to be honest, I have had a blast as combat. The cleave is great fun and I cant wait to understand the class a little better! So grab your finest Rum, Poison your blades, It's Rogue time! 

Spot me if you can, Ambush time!
So our adventure continues as we stalk our foes and hide in the shadows, the way of the rouge is an exciting one, new abilities become accessible early on and really show their flare when Blade flurry starts causing havoc. Through the recent ten levels, we started off completing some quests in West fall until we was able to jump in to The deadmines. One of the first instances you are able to explore and find out the mischievous work going on around that area. 

Deadmines - These twisted and dark mines dwell below Westfall and a small section of Stranglethorn. Located Under Moonbrooke, a small village now populated mostly by Defias brotherhood. It's entrance can be located by the trail of miners walking out the main mine shaft. You then have to navigate your way around the mines to be able to find the entrance. The Mines was once the main source of gold for the human lands, and controlled by the rather ambitious Edwin VanCleef, he became twisted with greed and started to create a ship bellow the depths of Westfall to show Stormwind leaders how strong he really was. He was killed before he could see his dream through to the end. His Daughter Vanessa watched on as her father was slaughtered and has now taken over the operations in the deadmines and is focused on bringing nothing but justice and retribution upon Stormwind... Look out!

After our venture through the mines I was able to start the quests within Duskwood, One of my favorite locations when I used to play as alliance and it really has not changed to much and I love that! Before I arrived at the main town, I spent some time getting up my professions so I was hunting wolfs around the area and level up the leather working on the downtime. The music and ambiance of this place is incredible and I cant wait to explore a little more. 

I also took the time to level up the first aid from all the wool I accumulated from the adventure through dead mines, I honestly don't remember ever maxing it so I thought I may as well start, may as well stock up for WoD! I also thought with the spooky feel of this place it was the best place to level, it just suited the path I wanted to take.

Darkshire has a large quest chain that will make you venture around the whole zone, with a small cluster of quests to the west as well, the quests will take you through lost catacombs and fields now plagued by beasts and things that aren't exactly living and happy to see you... If they get a chance of course :P I recommend having a little look around, the detail of this place is great. 

So tonight I will start the quest line here and hopefully find some World PvP while Im around the area. There seems to be a ton of horde looking for a fight, so this will be a good time to test out combat even more so! I have also gained a number of useful skills since level 10 and below is the complete list of the new abilities and of course, My talent choice. 


Sap - Our first incapacitate and its a beauty! You can only use this if your in stealth and gives you the control rogues seem to love. You get to sap the opponent so you can position yourself and begin the onslaught. 

Slice and Dice - Another Combo spender and increase our melee haste by 40% and depending on how many combo points you have when you use it, it will increase its duration. This gives us more damage at a quicker rate and being combat with slow weapons this helps a ton! 

Pick Pocket - Steal more money from humanoids but you have to be in stealth to use it.. EPIC! 

Recuperate - This heals 4% of our maximum health and the duration is increased per combo point, great for questing and such. A great way to keep the downtime between killing mobs minimal. I love it. 

Kick - Our main interrupt on casters, I love it. The animation rocks and really gives us more control over our combat situations and negates some incoming damage.

Crippling poison - Finally our first *non lethal* poison we can use along with our *lethal poison* such as Deadly. This sexy thing applies a movement reduction debuff to our targets, helps with slowing escaping foes that are not quite ready to face our blades. Run if you can!

Revealing strike - From what I hear this is one of Combats most important strikes and is so awesome. First off it exposes a targets armor and makes our finishing moves 35% more effective, this is huge! It also gives our sinister strike a 20% chance to add another combo point, great for building those points and able to spend them sooner on big finishers! So... good.

Nightstalker (Passive/talent) - Increases your movement speed while in stealth by 20%.. Epic for catching those dam horde.. and increase our damaging abilities while stealthed by 50%.. Hello ambush!

That's it for this episode folks, next week we shall be going over the new skills I have acquired from the next ten levels and what adventures we embarked upon. The rogue still surprises me and looking through the recent alpha notes our cleave will be even more awesome! I can't wait to write up the next episode so I best get leveling! Until next time guys and girls, take care.. and remain in the shadows. - Vaylen/Vaysie.

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