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Playthrough #1 | 1 - 10 | Way Of The Rogue

Hello there bloggers, raiders, rogue lovers alike! It's that time again to bring you a look into my adventures as a rogue, master of the shadows and one hell of a foe to come across, if of course they have not got to you first! In this Playthrough series I will cover all the things I have learnt, the perks of being a rogue and all the mischievous *tasks* we get up too. This is a diary entry if you like and a way for me to look back on what I have learnt along the road, I have done one before on my shaman and it was awesome. So if you're new to a rogue or maybe wanting to try one as well, hopefully this is a good read for you and maybe something for all you veterans out there.. So if you're a master of poison, as subtle as a passing shadow or as crazy as a swashbuckler, grab your finest rum! Its adventure time! 

So the adventure begins! I took some time into looking at other rogues and what I thought would be a cool race to play as a rogue. I wanted to be alliance so it's on the same server as my Monk.. you know.. stealing bags for my own uses and all! Human was the only choice for me, the weapons look great on females and their attacking animations are smooth and hold on to that Rogue feel. Her armory can be found here. As you can also see, I'm not holding a set of daggers... Why? I want to play through as combat so slow, hard hitting weapons are the best choice here. 

Why Combat? 
Well, thankfully with duel spec we can jump in and out of any play style we want with just a weapon adjustment through out our leveling process, but that aside, I just want to try something different, I like change. As popular as the other specs are, I like the idea of being a swashbuckler, standing toe-to-toe with our enemies, just something about appeals to me. I will have a secondary spec, but I will see what they offer when I get there! Also, any spec is viable for leveling, lets switch it up! 

So it begins...
After the very first quest chain in Northshire we head out towards Goldshire and deal with the problems going on within Elwynn forest. Missing soldiers, Fargodeep & Jasperlode mine all playing their roles, we meet a few important characters around the surrounding areas. I also took a trip in to the Human main city, Stormwind. Here you have a number of quests taking you to a handful of shops and inns delivering supplies and such. Pig & Whistle Tavern was my next stop, lets make this our new home! A quiet inn, for now..

After a little walk around the city and sorting out my bags getting ready for the adventures ahead, I took the opportunity to pick up my professions. I decided I wanted a challenge and something I have never tried before, thanks to the removal of Profession perks in WoD this decision was easy! Leather working time! I also took skinning to help get those pesky materials & skins. Something just seems awesome about a rogue crafting cool transmog gear and other things along the way.  

Upon reaching level ten, It was time to go combat! No holding back now! Below is some of the useful abilities I acquired and what I had learnt once I picked my main spec. 

Sinister strike - Our main combo builder, a hard hitting ability that costs 50 energy. A cool spell, I love the animation!

Eviscerate - Our first combo spender, it hits harder the more combo points you have saved up, ideally we use it at 5 points but leveling sometimes its impossible to reach it, so use it when ever possible! 

Stealth - Our signature ability, with this spell we can lurk in the shadows, silently stalking our next victim. We also gain new openers such as Ambush that can only be used in stealth.

Ambush - Warning! This ability hits hard and is sure to make the most sturdy of players drop their pants in a flash! It does exactly what it says on the tin, 527% damage in one hit and awards 2 combo points.. juicy.

Evasion - The rogues first Oh crap button. Once this is active our dodge chance is increased by a huge amount making us almost untouchable by physical hits. Tasty.

Poisons - Deadly poison is the first one we have hot to coat our weapons with, this places a dot on the target that as you have guessed it, infects our targets with poison damage. One of many, I cant wait to see what else we get!

Blade Flurry - One of the combat rogues signature abilities, with this it enables us to cleave targets when using our spells, With slower off hands the damage is also more noticeable. This also means multi Eviscerates on mobs! Ohh yeah! 

Ambidexterity (Passive) - Our off hands deal 75% more damage.. enough said.

Vitality (Passive) - Increase energy regeneration by 20% and Attack power by 40% making us that more faster, it really helps with slower weapons as they have a higher damage, compared to heirloom Daggers anyway. 

So there you have it folks, first little post complete! I will do these every 10 levels giving me enough information to write about! I can't wait to explore the world of Azeroth as a rogue, its diverse game-play surely does make it interesting and of course, something else for me to learn! It's going to be a big change from Monk that's for sure! 

Tinker, he gives me free beer.
Just want to say a huge thank you to Fatjimmy & Zakez for all the recent information on Rogues and have already taught me a ton! Thanks alot guys! - Vaylen.

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