Friday, 5 July 2013

Path Of The Brew

"As you think, So shall you become." - Bruce lee
The path of the Brewmaster is not an easy one, In my opinion, we're the best active mitigation class currently in the game relying on drinking till our hearts content and provoking enemies with kegs of delicious beer but while this sounds fun, the daunting task of keeping a watchful eye on our Stagger damage, Elusive brew stacks, Energy regeneration and our balancing of Chi can soon overwhelm the smartest players and leave you in a pool of drunken tears before you can even drink your next Brew. But alas, not everything is all doom and gloom!

Follow me on my journey as I dive deeper into the ways of the Brew, Discovering new ways to master the art and adventures I pursue. If you're a keen Raider, Pet battle master/novice, explorer or Looking for information on the Brewmaster, May you find solace here.

- Netherix, Ragnaros Eu.

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