Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Are you looking for a new home? [EU]

Hello ladies and gents, I just wanted to share with you all a Project I have just started working on over on Ravencrest/Alliance under the name <Forged Legacy>.


For far to long now, the shadow of silent guilds has spread far and wide across all the realms of Azeroth. With the introduction to perks and auto invite macros, we feel that guilds have some what lost their magic and real feeling of pride of being under the guilds name and really as the game has progressed that feeling of being apart of a great guild has all but fizzled out. Now I know not everyone has gone through this experience, of course raiding with people you know and what not is what really makes the game, But what I miss is the real social side of it, A true community.

Over on the US there is a well known Mega guild called the <Convert to Raid> and over time, smaller guilds under the same name have arisen, both PvE and PvP guilds all fall under the same banner. They also run their own podcast and every week get a special guest on from the top raiding guilds throughout the world, It's truly incredible and I just want the EU to have some sort of close community like that.. They also have gained recognition from Blizzard themselves and have urged people to be apart of such an amazing community. Now I don't intend to gain as many people as I can to be apart of this, But at least give people the opportunity to be proud to be apart of something new and exciting. CTR have come a long way, with a ton of hard work and effort, it really has payed off, its a great amount inspiration from them that has really made me want to drive that passion to us.

This is a new guild I want to form with you, The community, with like-minded players who maybe want to take a sit back from the hustle and bustle of end game, maybe even take a step out form their comfort zone and meet new people and be apart of something great. I want to create a home for everyone to enjoy. With such a large amount of time up until the new expansion, I want to use it wisely and build something promising. Nothing is worse than logging on to a dead guild and then moments later, log off without having nothing accomplished. I want to create a place with you that people will enjoy logging on, enjoy just talking in guild chat and creating your own in guild events... so maybe your thinking, well what goals do I have for the guild, Allow me to list them. 

My Short Term Goals

- The guild is Brand new, So building the foundations is key. I have already added 5 bank tabs named:Materials, Equipment, Consumables, Enchantments & professions. (more coming soon) May not seem relevant now, but it will shortly. 
- Reach level 25. With a handful of players (friends and family) it will take some time to recruit. We're not using any kind of macro spamming, we're doing it the good old fashioned way. Speaking to players and really finding the right players for the guild.. as I said, it may seem crazy creating a guild from scratch with such a strong passion for a social feel, but who knows, there may be people out there who want to find something like this.
- Enable the chance for you to meet new players. A way of doing this would be through our facebook page (Under construction) and/or our Twitter.
- Get the word out, that their is a guild out there, looking just to create the real and true guild feeling. I have played the game long enough to know when I am in a great guild and a steady guild, but we want both.
- Events such as arena games over in open arena zones, winners take gold from the gb.(more info to come)

Long Term Goals

- I want to create a Podcast team around WoD release, covering information on the expansion, lore, class shows and speaking to other guild members who wish to take part.
- A real Website with forums, polls and more.
- For players to really enjoy wow for what it is, The game is supposed to be enjoyed with friends and like minded people, not gold farmers and so on.
- Guild contracts: This works so the guild members should not have to use AH so much. Items in the GB will be sold for half the AH price. That money will go towards guild events and re supplying players. I also want to introduce the actual contracts. These are weekly tasks players can complete to farm items like meat, skins, herbs and so on and be rewarded from the guild bank with more gold. I have used it before and it worked amazingly well. 
- For players to be proud of what We as a community have created.
- WoD raiding. We will be raiding in WoD no question. Thanks to the changes the normals will have the same system as our current flex does. Making it easier to build a team and even if you can only pop on for an hour, still be apart of the event and maybe get some loot along the way. We want raiding to be a choice for everyone, not a necessity. 
- More to come.

Does this sound like something you may be interested in? 

Please feel free to leave any questions or information you would like to see in the comments below. As I have said, this may not be the case for everyone or most players, but I just wanted to share this with you guys, who knows, maybe this is the sort of guild you have been searching for.. We just need to get it up off the ground and who knows what we can achieve. If you feel like this idea is silly and you feel the need to speak about it, please do, but just know, I may not reply because I'm 100% focused on the players who do like the idea of this project and who would want to be involved with it. - Vaylen. 

You can also find me:
twitter: @VaylenEU
Battlenet: Vaylen#2903

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