Saturday, 7 February 2015

Warlords Of Draenor: Nostalgic Nagrand

Hello again champions! welcome to the last chapter of my leveling series. Here I will showcase some of the photos I managed to snap up of nagrand during my questing there. I really did enjoy this location. It sort of brought back that nostalgic feel to the old nagrand we all grew to love back on outland and I was hoping blizzard would not stray to far away from the original concept and they sure as hell did not! So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

And so we begin our jouncy in the last leveling location in Draenor and what an amazing place it is. Home of the Warsong clan band of orcs and a refuge point for ogres we are thrown in to a world of conflict. Home to the orc's spiritual place the land has been torn in half with the tormented spirits of Oshu'gun and the forever looming problem of ogres pouring from Highmaul to the west. We however start off to the east, establishing a foothold within this zone.

Here we get the chance to meet some of the locations we're some what familiar with. The old nagrand back in our timeline still has some resemblance to the nagrand in this timeline. Confusing I know but we do get to see the more remote locations it has to offer. As the rising commander here, I decided to go with the Talbuk station which was a fantastic choice as it enabled me to get around quicker with not much hassle to explore this beautiful place.

During my time here I did find some of the quests a little to sort of.. "hit and miss" I guess is the better way to put it. Only because I was not totally sure were the stories joined. Some just seemed to be placed there purely because they had nothing else to add, or lack of time? Anyway I did end up battling my way through each chapter and was actually surprised by the final cinematic.

The final and yet very dramatic conclusion to this location and story was the battle we have been waiting for. Between Thrall and Garrosh. This time we did not see any bitch fights like we saw in SoO (LET MEH SLAP YOU WID MA DOOMHAMMER) but what actually looked like an incredible way to end the story here. My only gripe would be that the story from war crimes has nothing to do with Garrosh and his almost certain fate and I wish we got to see inside the mind of Thrall a little more! Nonetheless here is the cinematic.



There you have it folks! The final chapter is complete! I did not want to go to much in to detail in these posts so sorry about that! I have just been rather busy with my Army stuff that I simply have not had as much time as I have liked. Anyway that aside! Thanks for reading and I hope some of the screenshots I have created added to your leveling experiances as it did with me! Until next time! Love.

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