Saturday, 7 February 2015

Warlords Of Draenor: Sinister Spires Of Arak

Hello folks! Vaylen back here again with another look at the next location you will get to venture through Draenor. This location is by far my moist enjoyable. Shocker right? This tends to be peoples least favorite but for me it was the most memorable for a number of reasons. So sit back with your finest brew (mana tea I hope) and enjoy!

So it begins! We enter the the sinister home of the Shattered Hand clan. Lead by the almighty Kargath Bladefist. It is however also home to the untouched and still rather peaceful Arakkoa perched up high above the giant trees and barbaric orcs below. Upon arrival, its hard to ignore the beauty of this place. Darkness and mystery shrouds this location and its hard to ignore the feeling of that tranquility being torn.

Heading down south of Arak and working your way through the chapters you are also able to set up a outpost much like the other zones. Here I decided to set up a brewery.. being monk and all and with the lack of monk lore in this expansion I made it count. By supplying my troops with some good grub and booze on tap, I made it work.

The questing here is fantastic, with a ton of group quests, close bonus objectives and so on, The general flow of the location to me was very smooth. There is a ton of treasures to find and a brilliant quest that involves Terokk, the greatest hero of the Arrakoa. Oh man I wish he was a playable race. 

There we have it folks! another quick write up on my favorite location in Draenor. With just one more to go, this little leveling series will be finished so I hope you enjoyed your leveling here as much as I did! Speak soon! - Vaylen. 

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