Monday, 23 September 2013

From Winds To Water

Greetings my fellow readers! As always a lot has been going on within the world of warcraft community and such things have brought my raiding guild to the conclusion it was time to take a back seat. Officers could not come to an agreement and that has lead to the guild I have progressed with to disband. We had a great run and I really did enjoy my time there, so I truly hope the players there find the other end game raiding guilds of their choice and all the best for the future!

As I went semi afk during the progress I was not really playing my monk so much, but instead gaining more experience in raids on my Holy Paladin. So recently my Brewmaster has taken the backseat. Due to recent changes to tanks, and the direction blizzard seem to be going in terms of tank game play, I have been switching around specs and really found my enjoyment for the class again as Windwalker. With the changes to mastery and some more potent cleave I have really found my footing within a Flex raiding guild and currently really enjoying it!

As times change, as does ones interests. Currently I'm working on a number of things out of wow and in wow.  I have been pretty absorbed by GTA and looking for a Hearthstone BETA key, with still no joys! As well as working out what class to play next, with much thought, changing of ideas and such I'm going back to my roots of playing a Resto/Elemental Shaman. 

My blog will be my place of random posts and what I discover on this new character as well as my thoughts and Ideas on the class as it develops. I think it will be pretty hard to fit it in within this blog but hopefully I can cut a nice deal with a really decent blogger and see if I can get a layout sorted for it. 

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