Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Restoration Shaman | Playthrough | 1 - 20

Greetings all, In this section of my blog I will be covering my experiences and things I learn as I level up a Restoration Shaman on Ragnaros eu. This will be a home for my accomplishments and what I come across throughout my adventure. - Vaylen.

Like all adventures start, this one began in a foreign place to my knowledge. I had a little dabble in the Panda starting zone but never really paid that much attention to the details. However, with this time round I really did look through every quest, every text, every element and you guessed it, it was a awesome experience. The questing lineage is simple and sends you from point to point, Simplistic and great for new adventures in this land like myself. 

Here You will level to around 11/12 and ultimately save the place of your birthright. With the not so much helpful alliance/horde bashing their ships here and there and generally making a mess of things, we are of course there to clean up their mess. Once the main story is completed You will be given a choice, do you depart as horde or alliance, I went horde, Obviously. 

Once I picked up some quests in Orgrimmar I then headed out to Azshara, North of the horde stronghold. Here I picked up my Heirlooms and Professions. After some research on what would be good for heroic raiding as its what I plan to do on this,  I went with Blacksmithing and Mining  drop mining once maxed and go for Jewelcrafting. I also took this time to grab first aid, cooking and fishing.

Questing here is pretty annoying, its a lot of multitasking so I tend to power through this zone as fast as possible. During my time here I did however find this rather vain artwork, No doubt Gallywix or someone of that goblins status, to get that built for them out of a mountain. :P

Once I reached Level 15 I took a dive in to Dungeon finder and chose my specialization, Restoration. The healing abilities are very limited and will mention my most used healing spells and utility spells at the end of the post.  

After healing that zone I was around level 20, With a larger array of spells, Below shows the spells I currenttly use and have to my disposal: 

Healing wave - My basic healing spell, I use this if I need to cast a small heal, it does however crit big, something like 1.6k at my level and gear.

Healing Surge - My Oh crap heal, Short cast time but costly in mana, use as a last resort. 

Riptide - This I cast on cooldown, it places a hot on a target and also helps with the bonus to health passive shamans posses. 

Searing Totem - I use this with every trash/boss pull. Just shoots a fire bolt to a target.

Flame Shock - A fire dot, I use then when I have nothing to do!

Wind shear - Ranged interrupt  I guess I get in to the habit of stopping everything I can if possible from heroic raiding, so this I use all the time. 

Purify Spirit - Cleanses all magic and curse effects, Only used it once but no doubt will make use of it as much as possible. 

Flametongue - The first Weapon Imbue we get, this we gain a 7% more magic damage done to targets, always helps for now.

Water Shield - This refunds some mana every few seconds, Also when I receive melee damage I retain a lot of mana.  

Stay tuned for my daily updates on this character and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! - Vay.

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