Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Whats Brewing In The Mists?

Hello guys and girls! I just thought I would write up an update for some of the things I'm working on currently and some news for you in general. Don't worry a Wanderer In The Mist post will be out Friday night, but I just wanted to share this with you. So sit back, relax and enjoy some awesome things in the works for all you monks out there and some other cool things I have Brewing! 

So if you have not checked out my blog yet, or following me on twitter you may not be aware of some of the ideas I have been coming up with recently. For a start the server I was playing on as a horde Troll monk was getting really busy and as much as I loved it and really enjoyed raiding there, the ques were insane. I was also in the middle of heroic progression and the thought of grinding on the same bosses until WOD was released was really starting to play on my mind. Killing Garrosh on normal at least felt to me that the content was cleared and Heroic kills were just a filler until bigger and better things came along.

As much as I loved this tier as well as the people I raid with I wanted to sort of take a back seat and really enjoy the game for what it is just before the expansion is ready for beta because If I get lucky enough to be able to be apart of it, I will be covering it as much as possible. So leaving Ragnaros to me was inevitable, I think I was just waiting for the right thing to push me to do so.

Recently with my blog and some of the topics I'm sharing is really just playing the game to enjoy the game for what it truly is, in its most basic form. As much as I loved raiding with the guys over at <EQ> and as much as I will miss them all, I wanted to be able to log on when I wanted and not have to worry about putting IRL things on hold to be able to raid on stale content, So I was looking for things to do to keep me busy.. that's when Wanderer In The Mist was born. Taking the game back to basics and adventuring like we used to do when we first started this game and looking for secret locations and share these experiences with you all!.. to me that was something I wanted to pursue and I did not need to be on at specific times to do so, this was something I grew to love every time I did it!

So I then got thinking, what does my future hold for me? What goals do I want to aim for now? What challenges can I overcome? and more so, what do I want to be apart of? All of these thoughts were racing through my head, as much as I loved Ragnaros, I wanted something new to come up.. and just when I thought there was no answer to these questions, I found the answer. You guys know I loving working for the community and sharing these experiences with you. You may also know how much the monk community has really made me appreciate this game more and something was brewing in the mists.. Something I feel is the exact reason to strive for a new start.

<Peak Of Serenity> was born. The lovely monk folks over at have been working on a all monk casual guild over on the Bleeding Hollow US, Horde side. This is the home for all new monks and veteran monks alike. The EU monks including myself wanted something like this too! So Byakko came up with the idea of creating an all monk guild for us under the same name. As fate would have it, both guilds will be connected via the monk community to strengthen the already mighty player base we have. Now this is what I'm talking about! <Peak Of Serenity> EU is located on Shadowsong/Alliance, our new home for all monk players to enjoy and have fun! So if this is something you're interested in being apart of, swing me a whisper in game or on twitter for an invite!

So what effects does this have on me? 
Of course, having to switch to alliance was the only hard part! I love the Horde lore and its rich back story. I love playing a Troll but this new guild was something I just new in my heart was right, So I bit the bullet and rolled Human. Now work will be done on my blog to change the troll logo to an alliance logo. I will also be changing my "Shaman playthrough" section on my blog to <Peak Of Serenity> this will serve as a update hub for the community within both guilds. I will also implement a Twitter feed and Facebook link to my blog to lead you to the guilds community pages to find out whats been going on in and out of Azeroth. I luckily get to keep my name too!

Will you be blogging as much? 
This change will give me the opportunity to be apart of something great so I will be blogging, even more than I do so now. Fridays regular post wont change and I will also be interviewing players from both guilds on their take on the class and things they are up too in game etc. I will also have a ton more information available to you all via the features mentioned above.

Special mentions
I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported me through out my journey so far. The people I have met on Ragnaros were a great group of people from start to finish. Thank you Solz and Vanskus for making my first week over there great! Thank you <EQ> for being an incredible social guild and I wish you all the best of luck in WOD. Thank you Stobart for making PvP awesome again and Skywankz for the great guild chat! Of course a special mention would not be so special without the monk community. I truly believe you're the best group of players out there and I cant wait to see were this adventure takes us!

So that's the outline of it! I could go in to more detail but I wanted to try and keep this update some what short! Stay tuned guys for a TCG give away and more news on the all monk community guilds! Shadowsong is my new home so drop me a /w if you're wanting to join our guild! Bring on the all monk flex competitions! 

- Vaylen/Shadowsong EU/Alliance

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