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Guide to level 85 - 90

Hello ladies and gentleman! As you may or may not have noticed I have not done my usual follow up with a play through. As I said in my last one I was going to show you something slightly special and different that does not have any lore involved and such. I did a bit of research in to trying out the fastest way to level from 85 to 90 without having to quest in the zones that I have seen to much of and also not do dungeons, was there a way to level fast enough to beat all my other times, and were? Monkey runes were a well known one but recently receiving nerfs on the spawn rate and experience gained, Its not really that good anymore. But I have found a solution. A new zone to level ridiculously fast, I tried it myself after all the rumors I saw and its fantastic. This guide will be simple and easy to follow and hopefully help you out a little.

So were Can I find this place and how do I get there at 85? 
- It's located on the Timeless Isle, you will have to swim or get someone to take you over or if you have any water walking abilities, they work also. NOTE: You may die if you swim but you resurrect right on the Isle and seconds away from the farming location.

Timeless Isle.. What I'f I am on a PvP server, Surely I would be a prime target to kill?
- In short, yes. I had this problem some times during my leveling. The thing is Ragnaros EU is rather crowded so if you are on a high populated server, don't expect it to be that easy to get your spawn points perfect without some players taking you as a free kill, because they will. There are of course quiet moments on severs after midnight and early mornings, make use off this time if you're struggling. Maybe do some dungeons in the mean time.

Is there a way around this is you're on a busy PvP server? 
- There is indeed and this is how you can solve it. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was on a PvE server and had a level 90 able to get to the Isle. Using the cross realm feature, Once I was invited to the party, I phased to their server. Lucky enough it was a dead one also so the spawns were mostly mine. They then logged off and jumped back on their main and I was able to stay on their realm without them even being logged in, Perfect. NOTE: I did try other people inviting me to their server who was not level 90 or in the zone and it did not work.

What amount of experience are we looking at here? 
- Simple, The exp you gain from these creatures will increase every time you level up. However the time in which it takes to level up wont really differ. The amount you gain per kill is as follows:

Level 85 = 12.5k experience gained per kill.
Level 86 = 14k experience gained per kill.
Level 87 = 16k experience gained per kill.
Level 88 = 19k experience gained per kill.
Level 89 = 22k experience gained per kill.

There are 5 packs of mobs you will be killing around the infested little village of Old Piju in the southern most part of the isle. Each pack will give you around 2 - 4 % experience. Sometimes the packs seem to have more mobs there, so it can vary.

What sort of mobs am I looking for? 
- They are grub's, They move rather slowly and have very little health. NOTE: Once you are within 4 yards of them they will cast a poison bolt that hits real hard and will stack so its important that you can kite them. This does of course get easier as you level. They do always spawn in the same location and can easily be spotted by the sheer amount of them huddled together around the trees. They are not hostile either.

What route do I take once I'm there and I know my targets?
- Just follow this map bellow and watch out for yourself when they spawn, try and avoid any cranes, aggressive yaks and the fallen pandas in the middle of the town, they can be killed but it can be tricky.

What are the best classes for this spot?
- Any class that can AOE from a distance and move quickly when needed to effectively will do well here. Any class that can self heal will also shine. As I said previously, You will take a ton of damage soon as you're inside that 4 yard zone so if you are a melee, you may have a hard time, Tanks however can manage. The great thing about these mobs is that  they move slow and if you're not in that range of their poison bolt they wont fire, they will just chase you till you're within range, that's why kiting here is so good. They can also be stunned, snared and trapped.

Here is a video of the route you can take, some ideas of the kiting places and such..

What are the other benefits of leveling here? 

- You can level here while waiting for dungeon ques or repeating quests you have done before.
- You gain a ton of experience and was the fastest way to level for me. (I have leveled 5 level 90's and this was the quickest of an average time of 6 hours and 30 minutes , that's just under a level an hour)
- You gain a bunch of timeless coins, I finished with around 10k
- Killing some rares with people will get you some gear for 90 if you're lucky.
- Its something different and challenging but very rewarding.

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