Monday, 3 February 2014

Vale Of Eternal Sorrow Basic Overview (4/14 HC)

Greetings fellow raiders! Today's post is going to be focusing on the first 4 bosses in SoO, Heroic. My little monks finally seeing some progress on these encounters now and I just wanted to share with you some tips and tricks per encounter from a Windwalker monks POV. So sit back, relax and enjoy.. Some fist bumping action! Waaahhhyaa! 

Immerseus - Ahh the once simple boss that was also the most boring of all the tier in my opinion is now one of the most annoying encounters and It's one I never look forward too, even tough the WW monk is so strong here. So a quick walk through of the changes, The boss now has charges, each dps has to release these charges, In doing so you will gain a debuff for each add you release, the debuff, like most things in Warcraft is a bad thing, so the more adds you release the higher the debuff. The usual amount to go for is around 3/4 and then stop dps on the boss and cleave/AOE down the adds you have released which should be picked up by the tanks already. The debuff will clear and you can resume dps on the boss. Monks can clear their stacks and stay a little more on the boss, Defuse magic works amazing here, one for the removal of the debuff and two, reduce magic damage from pools. Perfect. This is a continuous cycle much like the normal version until he is dead. As you can imagine, the longer the fight goes on, the easier it gets because you don't need to release as many adds because his health is much lower. As usual though, watch out for pools, use zen meditation if your group will soak a Swirl, use Storm, earth and fire for the adds and all will be well. For maximum dps, go with Rushing Jade Wind.

The Fallen Protectors - One of my favorite heroic encounters currently. The kill order we used changed slightly, we went from Rook >Sun >He, some other groups change it up, but we felt this was the easier way to handle it. Get the bosses close together at the start, drop a Storm earth and fire down on Sun and use Rushing jade wind. Chi brew is also great here for early dps boost. Once gloom, misery and sorrow is out, you will need to have a interrupt rotation to handle the sparks which is casted by Gloom, about 3 people will do. I tend to take the first and fourth depending how quickly he dies. Mark of anguish will kill you if you don't pass it quick enough, I was not part of rotation to take it, however I'm not to sure we can, we had a mage, hunter, warlock and rogue in our team so I didn't need to bother. It's very similar to normal, a bit more damage, a few rotations to follow, just make sure you have RJW on all the time, Storm earth and fire is on a target, two if possible. Use Defuse magic to mitigate all damage from calamity, Karma works too. 

Norushen - The easiest encounter I would say. Its very similar in terms of execution, just more dps need to jump in to the portal (2 at a time) kill your adds as usual and we just nuke it after the final person has cleared their corruption. I went with Xuen on this fight, the adds die so fast, its easier just to drop and Storm earth and fire down on them and focus on the boss, I use Karma and Defuse magic to mitigate as much damage a possible and save my Chi brew charges for the bloodlust. Note: you can use an early chi brew to get your x10 stacks before you jump in your portal making it even easier to kill them. Not really much to go on about on this encounter, its rather easy. 

Sha Of Pride - More like the Sha of Pac Man. I really do enjoy this encounter, you have a ton to look out for, random splash damage from every direction so this really makes the monk shine here because the amount of moving you need to do. The location were you fight, is exactly like normal. You now have to deal with Sha rifts that will launch small explosions to someones position, the further they are away, the less likely they will hit you, so these are not that important, the closer ones are as they have less travel distance. To handle these, walk over them. You will then get a debuff not allowing you to close another for 60 seconds, make sure this debuff is on so the raid leader knows your closing at least one. As monks, our utility is our cheesing, we can close 2 with Flying serpent kick due to its speed, it enables us to take up too 3. So let your raid know, there are a number of them close by, and soak them suckers up! Defuse magic will allow you to not take any damage if you do decide to walk over them like normal, but I would strongly advice you to save it for the Swelling prides. The next mechanic is Banishment, the player targeted will be sent to another room, much like pac man, you have to avoid being eaten, however again, everyone can make this so easy. Once you're in there you will see a clear patch to talk, Turn left.. collect the orb, turn left again so you're pretty much walking back on yourself, hopefully if the DPS is on their toes, you will be out making that phase mechanic rather easy. Of course you still have the imprisonments and self reflections to deal with, but that is all basic stuff, I use Spinning crane kick on them as they don't last long, so Xuen can be used on the boss. Another feature is the reflection pool as I call it, A green arrow will be pointing to a pool you have to stand in, if you don't you may cause a wipe so be there, ready to move. At 30% Your corruption level will be restarted so its a race from then on! 

So that's it folks, a simple, basic insight to the first 4 bosses in SoO heroic! I really do enjoy this tier and these heroic encounters have sure made it alot more fun! So good luck windwalkers out there! Don't forget, every Friday I release a exploration post covering some of the secret locations within Azeroth, so if you're in to that thing, stay tuned and check out the links below! - Vaylen.

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