Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Forged Legacy Update

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to leave a little update here and a huge thank you for making this project come to life and what a great start we have had. From pre MoP content clears, xmog competitions, flex runs, PvP nights and who can not forget our very first guild event, the STV fishing tourny! The guild as a whole has exceeded all short terms goals and every day we grow stronger. This humble home of ours has made me enjoy Warcraft again for the first time in a very long time. Each and everyone of you have made the guild an incredible place to be and I can't thank you enough, I'm really excited about the guilds future and progress. I'm very honored to have you all apart of our home and I really hope you guys are enjoying your stay here.

So with all this success you maybe thinking what else is there for us to do?
In a word, loads. We have a ton of new guild features in the works and will be implemented once there ready. We have our guild comic written and created by our very much loved Warlock, Zircon. We will have a player spotlight every week. This is a form of a written interview that will be announced on a Monday and you guys have up to sunday to ask the player chosen any question you like. This allows new members and old sea dogs a chance to get to know players more. We will have a podcast set up interviewing great players form every aspect of Warcraft giving us hints and tips specific things such as encounters, PvP combos and many more. Another one of our Warlocks Kalinyx is looking to create a platform for bloggers, guides and videos you guys can share with us. We also have a Hearthstone event coming up created by Xaando which will showcase some of the greatest card players on Ravencrest! as well as a guild Minecraft server for guildies to sit back, relax and build some crazy things!

We will also be having a weekly flex. (more info in the forums) Also another event to look forward too is the 2v2 PvP wargames knock out tournament. (coming soon) Want to claim the crown to show your the ultimate PvP team? this will be your chance! With many more things in the works, we have a exciting and very prosperous future.

If you would like to be apart of our Guild, please check out our website!

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