Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Heroic Progression! Onward!

And so, My progression continues through the Throne Of Thunder. Today I joined an extremely successful 10 man raiding guild called DeusEx, With a number of heroic kills under their belt and a Realm first Heroic Feat of Strength, I was delighted to join. Although It's an Hungarian Guild and I'm as British as a Tea and a jam scone, I settled it and found my stride pretty quickly. I was lucky enough to be invited and be tested on new content for myself that I have never encountered before, which was pretty good!

Tortos, Really not that much different, Although it may be more of a healing coordination fight, for myself, All I had to do was tank the boss, Hit the Humming Shard before every stomp/quake, drop some aoe on the bats and happy days.

Magaera, This boss will always be tight on healers and raid cooldowns but on heroic with an extra Arcane head, more physical damage from those snakeheads as well as adds, the fight really did Push myself to the limit of working cooldowns as much as I could. But with My gear alot lower than my other guild members, I think they could tell the pure damage from the heads were putting a bit of a strain on the raid. However, we pushed on and it got it down, No new loot but a Secret of the empire no less! :D

I shall be continuing my progression through heroic content tomorrow learning a few new fights and hopefully all shall be good.

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