Friday, 12 July 2013

Heroic Progress!

Last night, while generally browsing trade and looking for a TOT 10/25 pug, I was lucky enough to get a whisper from a member of <Sanctuary Of Elune> They was after a tank for TOT 10 fresh run with 3 bosses in HC. A bit apprehensive in joining as I have had no Heroic experience what's so ever (few glances over some FatBoss videos) I did not think I could handle the amount of pressure on the Lil' old monk. However, I was really surprised at how easy it was.

Jin 'Rokh, Not to much different, boss hits for a tad more, and on the lighting phase were you usually stack, You Have to avoid lightning coming from all angles, I died the first time as I was unlucky with 4 orbs on top of me = a sad Gnome.

Horridon, Again not much to report, adds do more damage, they have a tad more health and dps have an add fixate periodically during the fight which can be slowed down by the DPS is focusing. Really easy for me, I never had the add bother me as the DPS coped enough so I would not have it at all and we all know adds are easy as hell to handle for most tanks!

Ji-Kun, I noticed the nests were more frequent? I maybe wrong but it just seemed so. Instead of taunting on the Talon Rake stacks, you focus more on the Infected Wounds Debuff and taunt around 3 while keeping a balance of Talon Rakes between the two tanks.

Overall, I'm surprised how easy they were even if I did make a few mistakes, Nonetheless it was an awesome experience with the bonus of a new Weapon which is desperately needed and Heroic Leg tier! HAPPY DAYS.

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