Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Farm is complete!

So just under a week of my original Tillers blog post, I have now completed the main Tillers faction and got exalted! Upon achieving exalted you acquire some really cool machinery to use on your farm.. Finally! A Master Plow to re do those nasty crops, Weed killer to burn those darn bugs from our growing crops and a water spot that helps those burnt little dudes grow! This stuff has made completing those Faction worksheets a doddle.

You also become eligible to take over the Ranch, Nana Mudclaw hangs up her crop growing prowess and lends Farmer Yoon the shoval! this then in turn enables you to set your home in the Ranch and it is this spot you return to when you Hearthstone. (If you choose it to be) Smaller things are unlocked as well such as vanity items and mounts. All in all I am pretty happy I finally got exalted with this faction, now to befriend all these farmers, get one to work for me and get some animals on this farm! Happy growing.

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