Thursday, 18 July 2013

More heroic Kills in TOT!

Ahoy hoy! Another night with DeusEx! HODOR! Tonight was successful by all accounts, Getting four new bosses down heroic mode on the second night! You can really tell the guild have done this a number of times before, I knew I was way out of my comfort zone here, Learning new fights on the job, while playing a Brewmaster with enough Micromanagement, the amount of pressure was crazy. I literally read up the tactics on my way to work and on my lunch break, to then be thrown right in the deep end to actually do pretty well!

Durumu, Always a B!tch on Normal, Even more so on heroic. Despite having to solo tank it with two paladins dropping Hand of Protection on short stacks, I was then dealing with Purifying a whole lot more here. (Four set bonus really does help) anyway, with a few attempts we got the fat slob down.

Primordius, Actually surprised how simple the change was but I really enjoyed that fight. While dealing with the Normal mechanics of kiting the boss, two Adds spawn randomly around the room, The off tank has to pick these up and make sure they don't cross the path of the boss or its an instant wipe. So spinning the camera angle was key here. Again, spamming those Purifying brews like a drunken master.

Iron Qon, Awesome fight. First three phases are the same with an extra annoying mechanic from some adds, last phase = amazing. You tank the main boss as well as three of those flying mounts he hops on. Looked insane for healers and once again, I used Purify here so much more than on normal.

Twins, Epic fight on heroic. Makes the normal version like worse tenfold. Despite the same sort of idea were you tank the dusk boss for a while, then dps the nightmare that spawns, the second phase is a touch harder. Those comets that fall periodically have a lot more use here, The tank that is currently on the boss moves the dawn boss towards them enough to activate them so they get damaged over time and apply a debuff to the boss. She then casts Inferno every few moments during the phase so you have to keep a comet active to jump behind so you take zero damage. (good time to drop some healing spheres and Advert Harm)

Then once they both become active, I picked up the Dusk boss, moved her away from the raid, jumped behind comets when I had too (Clerity talent here works wonders = x3 roll) rinse and repeat till the dps finish the dawn boss then back in to the first phase till its down. Winning.

Really had fun tonight, and the guild got there third kill on Dark Animus HC. Looked like one hell of a boss, so I was happy to sit out and let the more experienced tank take over, Was pretty cool, I went to the Auction House and bought some new pets.


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