Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Forging A Lost Legacy

Hello folks! Just wanted to share with you guys what a few of us from the guild have been up too the past week. We have been extremely busy with new recruits, re working our Flex runs and being on the GGW podcast so you could say its been a crazy few weeks which would explain my lack of blog posts.. But I still want to share with you guys we are doing right now! so sit back, relax and grab your finest brew as we take a little adventure back through Warcraft in its golden age.

Many of our guild members have never experienced how Warcraft used to be and how many of us remember the good ol' days of running to summon stones, grinding through tough dungeons and looking forward to the possibility of new loot almost every dungeon, with Heirlooms now a *must have* for any alt-aholic it makes leveling much for faster and efficient but because of this, you really do miss so much, so we thought we would take on or make our own Iron man challenge and go re live those amazing memories and also create our own ones too! 

So what is Iron man?
Iron man is created for a group of 5 people to run dungeons without the help of super crazy leveling gear, gold or boosts. Generally in a typical group too, if you die, its game over. But we loved our questing so much as a group we decided to keep them even if we die but just enjoy the old dungeons and questing zones to show our new members of the community what it used to be like and I have to say, its been so much fun. 

Our guild already has a working team but we also have a second team starting around the 1st of july, we plan to meet up at the 60,70 and 80 brackets to hit up some raiding action! should be a blast! We wanted to do something more with out community and this has really been a great way to get new people in vent, talking in guild and making them feel more welcome. 

So we started questing through Goldshire and eventually leading up to Westfall were we hopefully could reach level 15 and start to head towards moonbrooke. As a group this was so much fun, we had a great laugh while running around like crazy people attacking wolves and kobolds with our sticks and wands... great times! We also wanted to make sure our group was evenly sharing loot to make the gearing process more fair in dungeons, so this is our team currently:

Tank - Brewmaster (Leather)
Healer - Priest (Spirit cloth)
DPS 1 - Hunter (Mail)
DPS 2 - Elemental shaman (Mail/leather caster )
DPS 3 - Warrior (Plate) 

I'm playing the warrior currently and I have been pretty lucky with the drops in dungeons... MANY ITENZ! 
We have also split up the professions so someone has something different for the group so we can make items should we need them. This makes our group a little bit more diverse because we are not using LFD system and so we don't get the perks of the gear from the bags you can get, so crafting our own upgrades seems more rewarding!

After we cleared Stockades and Deadmines we wanted to create an event for those taking part... and something I did once when I first started playing was that huge walk from Ironforge too Shadowfang keep... OH MY LORD! I remember when I first started playing how terrified I was of the red raptors and horde ganking me! baring in mind this was when I did not know hunters could use bows and guns... Raptor strike spamming was the in thing! 

The Adventure!
So we grouped up at the Ironforge bank and started our journey which slowly became a race more or less.. and with many deaths later and running from skull mobs we reached our first target of interest, hinterlands! who would of thought of the amount of wolves in that place... I spent more times running away from were I should of been going because the creatures clearly did not want us around.. This was also the first place many of our group had not seen before which was a nice change for them.

After many many minutes later and a few ganks we finally reached Shadowfang.. a 5 minute flight journey took us 50 minutes of walking and you may find this crazy but it was so fun and it brought back so many fond memories and I really loved walking through old Dalaran and even EPL.. Good times! Once we got in almost instantly Warrior gear had dropped which was so fun because every drop was an upgrade and you really feel that power improve, something you seem to neglect when you have looms.. anyway! We powered through and even manged to get a snazzy photo! Wave everyone!  

This is something we want to continue and we're also looking for more people to take part in the future so if you wish to join our guild then please head over to Ravencrest EU and give my monk named Vaylen or our recruitment officer Syana a whisper!  

"I'm an incompetent Gnome and I hate everything... even.. HEY! YOU! Abomination.. DIE!" *kicks in the ankles* *Shows him the finger*

Guild logo created by: Kalinyx.

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