Thursday, 13 November 2014

Warlords Of Draenor: Through The Dark Portal

So it begins, with the Iron horde flooding on to our homelands we're forced to travel through the once quiet portal and face a new menace! I will get some shots of my travels and document my experiences throughout Draenor. Despite the obvious lag which is something out of our control and the buggy quests its been a blast and a real change of pace. I wont be covering every single detail but I'm sure you will get the picture! So please sit back, relax and take your mind of the loading screen bosses and ridiculous ques in my first post of WoD! 

So we begin our adventure through the merciless Iron horde forces that occupy Tanaan Jungle. Similar to Hellfire in BC both factions start there, however it is instanced so in the famous words of Corporal Jones, DON'T PANIC! Here you will transverse through a dense jungle that serves as home of the bleeding hollow clan.  Together with Thrall, Khadgar & Maraad you will be on the run from forces at work, destroying caves, shooting a huge cannon... YES CANNONS! and much more! 

As you can see the story telling is incredible and the use of the new 3D texts on key characters is really outstanding. So even if you are not familiar with the names, the story telling will get you caught up to speed easily and really do a great job at immersing you in to the quests. You really do feel like you're on the run and these suckers are hunting you down! After all you did just take control of a huge inferno machine from the help of a dwarf and nuke the hell out of them! SAVAGE! 

After a few hours, give or take you will be rushing towards the end of the introduction quest were you will jump on a ship of sorts and be off to Shadowmoon Valley, Here you will meet up with the epic Draenei Velen (named after me of course) Here you will embark on adventure from the get go. First you will establish your garrison, to start with you will be collecting lumber and killing the ravens inhabiting the area. 

Shortly after you will then be on your way through out the valley. You will meet a ton of new folk, doing all kinds of quests (have not had to pick up cleft poop as of yet) which are all enveloped around your garrison. Quests can reward you with followers for missions from common to epic, much like battle pets and these can be sent off on there way to complete missions of sorts. I love how all the quests effect your garrisons and have the potential to make it better.

Your garrisons will continue to work, complete orders, rank up as you quest through Draenor. Its great to set up some missions and then be off on your own quests. The blueprints you use drop from quest mobs and so on which I think relate to your professions you have currently. As you can see from the photos above they also include that awesome 3D text as you rank up and build new parts to your garrison. The random quests you can complete like defending your town are also really interesting. I have only been in one so far but I hope they are different! 

As you can see, Shadowmoon is incredible and I really do prefer it to the Horde counterpart. It's lush environments are awesome. Going back to the garrisons a little, I do wish there was a way you could build it in any of the WoD zones like they said at last Blizzcon but to be honest, it is stunning here, WHY WOULD YOU NOT!? it also makes sense to have it here as this is your first real touch on Draenor soil, lets defend this beauty shall we? 

The locations even throughout SMV are stunning and so diverse. One minute your in a farm the next your in a glade full of plant like creatures and all sorts of pretty things! (some have a nasty sting so watch out) These places also have some great exploration opportunities and a ton of rares added in for good measure. 

Initial thoughts 
Although I doubt I will be able to get on due to all these server issues which to be honest is hard to forgive considering we have had a year or so on Garrosh, you would of thought these would of been stress tested enough to expect such a jump in players.. I am now finished here and level 92 and by the gods of RNG I got my first perk which was empowered chi! Yeah baby! I have loved it, despite the lag, its been great fun and I hope you guys enjoy it just as much! 

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