Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Heroic Animus down!

Morning all! Last night was a pretty productive day again for myself. After selling on my mounts and making some gold for next patch/expansion the time had come to be ready for my first raid with Invictus Maneo. We went ahead with the zerg tactic and after a few attempts of getting proper cooldown management system going, We got him down. We could of had it a lot sooner if I was more aware of the specific tactic of had some experience with it but it was new for me and we got the sucker down.

The way we handled it was have myself tank three adds and kill them as fast as possible, feeding that vengeance through the roof, then once all three are dead I taunt over our healers add and dps the boss as hard as possible. Our Main tank, Dynoo, took adds as well as the boss and was putting out insane damage, we got the fight down just over two minutes. Such an easier way to defeat this sucker, if you  have the dps for it. From a Brewmaster perspective using Dampen Harm a few seconds into the fight works great with an early fortifying brew to boot. I think I was purifying every two or three seconds so making sure you have the chi is important. I never had the 4set at that time so I never had the luxury of that benefit.

Some nice items dropped and I replaced more ring, a great upgrade to one of my best in slots.

We then took down IQ and Twins down easily and was lucky enough to replace my helm with a heroic tier, not only getting my set bonus but a huge upgrade with my legendary meta to drop in there. With the rest of the night on Lei Shen and a 5% wipe, and lack of focus, from myself included we should hopefully have him dead tonight and hopefully I can be used for Ra den.

Stay tuned!

Vaylen, Ragnaros Eu.

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