Thursday, 17 October 2013

Profession Progression!

Hello everyone! A little update on the professions on my Shaman, I thought I would post up some information on my professions I have currently got and also my plans for the future. I do intend on diving into heroic raiding so of course, one of the important thing is making sure I have the best professions I can have that will benefit my healing output. So lets crack on! 


Currently Im working with mining and Jewelcrafting. On my Monk I raided with enchanting and still use skinning (SADFACE) But with my shaman I wanted to try something I have not done before since WOTLK. So I decided to level Jewelcrafting, the gem bonus seems great, especially early on when I need as much spirit a possible before I starting getting some decent gear.

Mining is my safety as it stands, It's saved me so much money because with this little beauty I can roam around while watching things on netflix and dropping down to pick up some mines, before I know it, I have a backpack ready to be used for Jewelcrafting.

Also, I have kept this because once I reach level 90, I will farm the mats needed to level blacksmithing and drop mining completely. Blacksmithing adds an extra gem slot to bracers and gloves which will help me socket those great gems from Jewelcrafting.

I'm also midway on my Secondary professions, Fishing, First aid and cooking. 

Cooking - I was going to level it once I was in pandaria as its so much easier but I really wanted the Deviate fish recipe to make some money and look awesome from time to time so I decided to take it as soon as I could.

Fishing - is the relaxing past time, I took this to help with cooking, achievements and such, it of course needs work like all of my other secondaries but I thought I would mention them anyway.

First aid - everyone loves first aid, always nice to have, not that is hugely important as I'm a healer but still, nice to have.

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