Greetings my fellow readers and bloggers alike, I go by the name of Vaylen and can be found in and around the world of Azeroth on Ravencrest EU. I'm a blogger and have always had an interest in sharing my experiences and adventures with a light hearted feel to it. I started this blog out as a little diary entry to my everyday life within World Of Warcraft and then it expanded into Brewmaster guides, Heroic strategies, Pet battles and now including my Windwalker PvP, healing guides and much more.

I'm also starting to write my own short stories/poems based on World of Warcraft. Always pushing my limits to see what else I can do and add to my much loved blog. If I could continue my blog and slowly turn this in to a job I enjoy, I would love that so I will always be pushing myself to do so. Blogging is a great way to let loose for a few hours and be creative.

A little more about me:
I'm 24 and a-bit, living in the UK.
Have played World of Warcraft for its whole life span, and have always loved Blizzard games.
I studied computer science and a practitioners course back in college and now work as a civil servant.
I have always loved writing and it's a huge passion of mine. From poems, song writing, short stories and random things I like to put out, Is something I have always enjoyed. I hopefully wish to make this a full time thing eventually, meeting other players from around the world and sharing their thoughts. Game reviews and of course, news from in and around Azeroth.

So sit back with a nice cup of your finest brew, relax and enjoy.
- Vaylen.

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